Question on Centraforge Ingredients Deck

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Hi everyone,

I am about 8 months into the game and finally ready to forge my own AoE hammers. My question is this: guides I see here on the forum, like this one that is often recommended, show a Centraforge ingredients deck with 10 slots. Mine only has 6 and I can’t get all the recommended ingredients on deck in that case. is there anything I’m missing to get those full 10 slots?

you’ll need forging epic skill to increase the ingredient slots to 10:

Other skills related to forging can also increase your effectiveness, stability, and vigour when forging the tools


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To maximize everything for forging, you’ll also need 8/8 vitality bonus, 8/8 power bonus, 8/8 intelligence bonus, 5/5 attributes bonus, and 24 advanced centraforge coils for your machine


Thanks so much for your help! My hero, all my hammers are Karios originals :heart_eyes:


:laughing: thx for supporting the shop! I’m also happy to go through the forging if you need more help


I don’t think there is a single person who has forged more items in this game than @KArios

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Total legends over there at EZPZ! :heart:


Here it is!! My first ever forge:

I followed this tutorial to a T for an AoE hammer. It took me about 10 tries to get this one - lots of Deconstruction Resin III used :joy:

A few questions I have after trying out the insanity that is forging:

  1. How do folks forge such massive amounts of hammers? Trying and failing for a stack of 9 over & over used a lot of materials, even with the resin. Is it just a numbers game - try and try and try a lot?

  2. Is ‘Defect Removal’ generally worth it, and if so, when in the process should it be introduced? I am extremely proud that I’ve made all of my forging ingredients with stuff I’ve farmed since day 1, but the roadrunner feathers elude me!

  3. Are there some ingredients that make no sense to make yourself cost/efficiency wise, and I should buy them instead?

  4. How did I do? :smiley:


This video might make it a little easier, instead of reading text…

I actually use a tad different method than what he shows in the video here, but this is a good all around method for making higher end forges.

As for the defect removal, the only time I ever use that for for max level forging. But, it’s not practical, as the stats for maxed stuff really isn’t (to me) worth the headache or the investment of the materials.

Also, if you’re just making lower tier items, Boon removal 1 is your friend. Saves so much time/materials over using decon resin imo.


One method that can make the process easier is to skip sticking a third boon on and simply going with whatever the game gives you.

You can stick Either Damage + Crit effect + AoE, or Damage + Magnet + AoE, greatly increasing the odds of getting a decient hammer (at the cost of the third boon).

My older tutorials made use of Boon Transmute Solvent, however I generally advise against useing them due to the cost of roadrunner feathers usually being much higher then the cost of Deconstruction Resin 3.

As for if defect removal is worth it - its a nice thing to have but you have to take something else out of your forge deck, plus quite a few defects are generally not that bad to have in all honestly (who care about crit chance or crit damage on hammer)?

Overall you did quite well, just a shame you got unlucky with the defect.


Shop owners make some profit when they sell the ingredients, so if you have the raw materials to make your own it will save you some coin.

As for the defect, it’s unfortunate but ok since -durability doesn’t affect the normal usage of the tools. I would either deconstruct the stack or keep them for selfuse (if the boon combination is hard to get) xD

Back in days I got +5 AOE (hit random block) the first hammer I forged which is totally unusable xD. So I would say your hammer is a success!

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Thank you so much for the tips everyone! One last question: here’s my newest forge results. I did two SS. I think the first stack came out pretty good, but what went wrong on that second stack? Admittedly I was blazing thru the interface and apparently missed something…

Stack 1:

Stack 2:

Looks like your first 1 you got max damage, which is level 10 damage boon but that pesky durability defect popped in there.

Looks like your second SS, your damage boon only got up to about 4 or 5 (can’t remember exact numbers) and that pesky durability defect got you more on that one

But looks like you got level 7 speed boon on first 1 and level 8 on second which is IMO fast enough without a speed brew

FYI- you only honestly need level 8 damage boon for 1 hit on tier 6 planet and it would also 1 hit a tier 7 (Lucent Exo) with a mega strength brew (granted you have max mining stats)

So maybe stop while your ahead on the damage if your at level 8 damage boon and level 7 or 8 speed boon, (speed doesn’t change that drastically if you go any higher) then you won’t get such high defect durability (unless your trying to max forge for max stats, then it gets really tricky)

Have you tried using fate paste 2? Protection paste 2?

Pretty darn good for your first couple forges

Many props :clap: :+1: :smiley:

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