Question on Malls and hunts

Hi everyone ,

Have been playing for a little while now and absolutely love the game.
I am just wandering if there are regular hunts and if so when and where they start from? ( am on Europian server)

Same for a good and active mall ?
All places I go to are almost dead or not regularly stocked …

Any hints and tips would be much appriciated :slight_smile:

Thanks !


@JaceyLive @Orrian @Ratchel have hunts on the regular.

The discord server for Orrian and Ratchel are the same. It’s the Iconic one

Jacey would be in the Ultima Discord

Most discord’s have a hunt channel with a hunter bot that’ll announce hunts that are scheduled.

I’ll also post my guilds discord Order of Oortian. We are pretty small group of players. We help each other out a lot. Have a decent hub set up as well. As some other various projects going on. More than welcome to build in our town on Sorissi. Plenty of free room to move in and I can build the road to a spot you chose.

Malls @ginabean and @majorvex

Majorvex runs the Gyosha Mall. I’d say it’s 60/40 active/non active shops in the mall.

Gina has the naughtymall. It used to be qubec mall. Active shops last time I went there


JaceyLive runs a hunt from Meteor Meet Every day at 5pm GMT. There are portals every where to there.

And Naughty Mall is very active, as is Gyosha Mall :grin:


If you can make your way to the Blingz’n’Thingz Hub, I’m online now I can show you around, to the malls and meteor meets. :slight_smile:

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Also what type of hints and tips are you looking for? If we know more about the knowledge you do have we can help expand your knowledge in the areas that may be behind.

Or how about Nova Golda Market in Nova Golda (aka New Gouda, yup am Dutch) on Trung, an European server unlike all the others mentioned :wink:

Even has portals to Iconic’s and Jacey’s hunting meet ups…


As fellow player who dont own any malls.
I would say malls are pretty much lottery.
There is active ones, but i prefer just shops (smaller size everything you need there).

@AeneaGames mentioned nova golda .
Thats one place where i do shop even though its a marketplace… mainly cause you dont have to run 5mins looking for something.

There is active shops too and i would recommend you to check stuff out before throwing money blindly at first shop stand.

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OMG discord is an app :slight_smile: lol thought it was just a guild name add or something … thx for that :slight_smile:

Ahh yeah sorry should have mentioned that

It’s a lot easier to use than in game chat. Plus the logs stay forever(well unless someone decides to delete them)

im on dzassak and I find it hard to find portal hubs , ( i am the type that needs coordinates , or i am not able to find where the locations are ) wish there was an icon on the atlas for small shops because i am not able to find many … so joining hunts seems like a fun way to interact with players and to grab some experience :slight_smile:

Where are you at on Dzassak? I can come by and give you a token,conduit and shards to open a portal to ultimas eresho hub. Or I can put a small build by you with a portal to Ultima in it

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You can see blue/ violet door looking icon on your compass top of the screen.
Those show wheres open portal. So might as well go portal surfing a bit.

If theres multiple icons it prolly is portal hub.
Portal seekers example have portal hub in every planet.


Welcome to the game and this nice community.
Feel free to ask Questions.

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we about to open a mega mall submerged into water 3000 plots with in build system to avoid dead shops
go to the ultima world hub and use the big aquatopia portal and you can check it out its also has a metro system around the town and links to two mega hub’s in a orderly system ow and our neigbor portal is the ps network

we nearing full opening off it just installing last systems but ya can come grab spot allready
ps our portal is inside the worldhub to all planets next to links to the biggest networks

its def has room :joy:

the numbered shops are gonna stay active for as long as people want shops they stay under mall property and owners be payed monthly footfall all equally i be posting soon we finishing up alot off cool systems in the epicenter and a subway system to find everything superfast
for hunts we work alot with the sasquatch crew and they do daily hunts that can match your timezone get in our discord and we help with everything you want Aquatopian Empire


Yea portal seekers, Ultima, and Hubbit have a portal hub on every planet. There’s some other smaller hubs that do as well. But I don’t know the names of those since I don’t use them and they aren’t really publicized

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Join boundless discord you can get way more info there

Tip numer one. Everybody loves every one with no exepction

Naughty Mall has a lot of great shops! We are still remodeling, but I’m hoping to be finished by the end of the week! At that time we will have a Grand Opening celebration.


Organized Mall is a pretty good one. It’s set up by items so you can just choose the hallway that would have the item you’re looking for. It has a number of connections (PS Bittula Hub, Aquatopia, I think Duskmoor too).

You can warp to the capital of your planet and usually they will have some portals someplace.

And everyone keeps talking about smaller shops… but The Golden Fist shop has a lot of things people need, is not in a mall, and is full of great people! I wouldn’t call it a small shop though haha.

I have been there and really like the setup. Hoping that some others follow that style because it makes it so much easier to shop, I don’t always have time to run past or stick my head inside of shops that might have what I need and then find out they don’t. Sometimes I like to wander and just look at some shops, but most any more I need to find that one or two items and don’t have time to do the hunting.

That set up is perfect for that, go to the area that sells the specific items I need, get it and head back to my forge, furnaces or whatever I had needed to buy for.

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