Question: what are you currently working on devs?

well now that the crafting and textures are done what are you currently working on?
is it ok to ask for some enlightenment @ben ?


They’re probably working on improving the crafting system, or making character races. Maybe both! Just speculation though.

We got a look at races a long time ago, so prob that, also james commented that they would start looking at player progression soon.

Can you link to this comment? I would like to read that.

here, from my crafting suggestion post.


We have a few things in the pot bubbling away. Getting the Texture update out was quite a big step. It obviously included the textures but less obviously it included quite a few technical rendering changes.

A few things we’re actively working on in parallel are:

  • Crafting for beacons, chests, and :lock:s - and the associated scalability for the MMO.
  • Crafting walls.
  • Lots of concept and art design for the character races.
  • Lots of design and code for combat :fist:.
  • We’ve been designing player progression because it has an effect on the combat and race designs.
  • We’ve also designed the :earth_africa: regeneration logic (which is quite smart actually) because it also has an effect on the beacons, player progression and :moneybag: .
  • Also finishing off everyone’s forum badges - after a :baby: timeout.
  • Probably a load of other things as well…


  • We’re also working on a new unified GUI :pager: for crafting, beacons, options, etc.

There are also a few surprises coming that I really don’t want to spoil. :dragon:


The worst thing about knowing something will come is wanting tomorrow to come faster.


Sounds exiting. Can you maby talk about how the world regeneration will work?

At the most basic level - everything in your beacon is safe, everything outside is a candidate for regeneration. Land (rock, sand, etc) and resource (mineral, special stuff) regeneration is disconnected. Land will recover, where as resources will be re-distributed. So there’ll be no trivial resource camping. Maybe exploring your local cave will always yield something interesting? Don’t want to (can’t) say more than this until we’ve more of the solution in place. Regeneration frequency and any selection heuristics (last visited first regen’d - as an example) are still up for balancing and player feedback. We are mindful to make sure world exploration is encouraged over simply waiting for your local environment to yield what you require.

Let us know if you have any concerns or ideas about this.

would that mean that it will keep track of all of the resources in the world and then distribute what is taken back equally, just in another order?

also what would happen if i mine 20 mineral and those would have to be replaced, would they then take the place of another mineral in the world or only for stone? and would there be stone where there was once minerals?



What exactly are these forum badges? Does that mean that our game account will be somehow linked with the forum account, and it will display the “level” of a given player? I mean, Adventurers, Explorers, Oortians, etc.

yeah on the old forums we had our tiers displayed, that being the entire point. i think ben said we would also have them ingame.

Yeah, I remember I got my title displayed on the forum after emailing about it.


Your forum account is already your game account. This configuration is called Single Sign On (or SSO). You would think that it’s trivial to assign everything their forum status - but it’s not. It’s the wonderful challenge of real world data. For example:

  1. Sometimes players use different email addresses to buy the game, for PayPal and for signing up to the game.

  2. We have players coming from backers and from Steam EA. So we need to talk to Steam’s APIs to understand what they’ve bought.

  3. Finally, when users have additional keys we also need to correctly assign their status. (This will require player intervention to correctly assign keys.)

It just means that resources will be in different locations when you re-explore or re-mine a regenerated area.

Once resources have been collected into your inventory they will be unaffected by the regen.

So that means we’ll get our forum statuses automatically soon? Kewl!

Early next week… fingers crossed.

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Is there also a release planed next week? Would understand if not cuz of the holidays but the hope never dies :wink:

No promises - as you say Fri 3rd and Mon 6th are holidays in the UK - but there may be 1 thing we squeeze out.

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Why am I getting so hyped every time I see the word “update” or “release” in a sentence… /sigh

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