Question white sand and gravel

Are there any white sand or gravel farms? I want to make loads of white concrete

None that I know of as of yet. There are some colors that are close to white.

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Any colors close to white?

I’m settling for weary violet it is gorgeous from valhalla

White sand/gravel isn’t unlocked yet, so you’ll have to either get them from exos or break them down from white rock people farmed like crazy when it appeared on exos.

Or you can use those ‘white enough’ colors like pale berry, ashen blue ect.

Yep, it’s not unlocked (not pickable as a sovereign world color) yet. You can check out for list of colors that are unlocked, and if they are there, you can use the color finder to check which worlds has that color (if any).


Can sell u many ss of white rock if u need. But won’t be on till later

I have white rock for sale at my shop Kasaisarocks at the Brown Town Small Mall on finata. Alternatively I have cold berry rock for sale as well


Can always also buy white paint and paint the rock and then break it down to gravel and sand, kinda the pricey route lol

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wouldn’t it be cheaper to paint the concrete at that point? xD

I “think” it works out to 19 rock per 50 concrete … so would be cheaper to paint the rock if my math is right.


Never a doubt in Sojus wisdom!

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Yea like Soju said painting is more efficient if you spray the rock instead of concrete