Since I’m not up when the devs are and I have a support/inquiry question. Which this section is for. Will I lose my builds and GC if I use my name on my builds? My name is D I C K. Yes it is what I’ve grown up being called. I’ve been asking for well over a year and haven’t heard anything from the dev team. I would like to hear other people’s opinions too. Not just from the devs.

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I doubt it would be allowed to stay if devs got it reported, but they sure would ask you politely to change/remove it first, before taking any punitive actions.

Even though it’s your real name, I’d say using it in game on signs and all is best to be avoided.
Players seeing it wouldn’t know it’s your real name in most cases, so you save yourself a lot of trouble not putting it out for everyone to see.

If my name was D…, I would probably use Richard on signs, just for fun :wink:

Or put signs around saying Don’t be a Richard.

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You would not lose builds or GC if you use your name - but it will still hit the profanity filter and not be shown to users who have the filter enabled.

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