Questions about beacons, plots and more

Greetings everyone! As the title says I have some questions regarding beacons, plots, and more.

I’ve decided that I want to create a different type of build. Something a little more ambitious and taller. I have about 70 plots with two beacons. If I get rid of the beacons will that remove all of my plots? Or do I have to manually remove them. Letting the beacon’s fuel run out is not a viable option because I have 7-8 weeks of fuel left.

My next question is about moving from a starter world to a level 2 or 3 world. I am only level 25 or so. Is that too soon to make the move? Will I have trouble with the wildlife one shotting me and will mining be a total PITA?

Thank you in advance.

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You can not remove your master beacon until you have unploted all the plots around it.
You should be fine on any moon but the ring worlds might be a bit tough. If you don’t want to speck out as a hunter I would recommend at least 3 points in the shadowing skill.


Ahhh. I see. I would rather not respec right now. I kind of put points into things that make it possible to do a little of everything. Would you happen to have any suggestions which moon would be the best at my level. I’m actually not familiar with the names of the moons or outer planets. Besides using someone’s portal to reach Vulupto to mine red rock I haven’t done much exploring off of Solum where my main beacon is. Thanks for the help.

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All of the moon’s are about the same. I am in love with elopor. There are a lot of spitters there but not to many cuttletrunks so once your defences are up you should be ok.
You are more than welcome to join us in elope portas. That’s our town on elopor.

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