Questions about portal/warps

@ben @james have you guys talked about the general cost of portals in the game? like how many oort shards to activate? questions i have would be

  • Is the price of using a warp and a portal different?
  • Does a portal from point A to Point B on the same world cost the same, more or less than a portal from point A on 1 world, to point B on another world.
  • Does the cost of a warp depend on the type of warp? (using random warp to same world, another tier world, using a playertoken or a location token)

there might be a few other questions. its just i thought about when the game got further down the line, that i might make a portal house, where people can pay to get their portal to their town set up, and so the portals on the world are kinda gathered at one place.

this might be a bit off in the distance and a great deal of balance is required, so i understand if you cant/wont answer them :slight_smile:

a bit off topic: do you still plan to keep the idea that you can make people pay upon entering a beacon? because that would be epic.

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Does the price of a warp depend on the distance it travels?

We’ve got quite a bit of portal + warp design + development done - but I don’t expect we’ll lock down these types of costs (and balances) until much later in the game. It’s an issue of balance rather than enabling features.

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How about portal conectivity / warp generation, are all tier 1 worlds connected to all other tier 1 worlds meaning that i can go from any world to another, or are they kinda like a connected island system where i can go from 1 world to 3 others, which is connected to some other 3 worlds (imagine wow griffon system)

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