Questions about Who we are and where we come from

So Since I didn’t see anything like this on the front page, and the threads in this section are rather sparse I thought I’d ask and speculate with everyone.

Who are we and where did we come from?

So I know I have rock like skin, I apparently dislike clothing that covers more than a potential location for reproductive organs. I can build and harness technology from a long dead civilization simply from interacting with what little remains of their once thriving empire (explaining the leveling up and skill trees there).

I believe we are some sort of colonizing “last breed” of our kind. Using an Ark like ship (I suspect to be the moon since its the same celestial body in the sky of every planet) to enter this part of the galaxy. Many I’ve met in the worlds I’ve traveled too refer to themselves as Oort, but that is the name of the ones who came before us not ourselves right?

Maybe we were in a “time capsule” and we are Oortians who came back to see the once thriving empire reduced to almost nothing.

All I can say for sure is we have to work together if we are to survive and beat back the creatures who threaten our existence in these worlds. Together we are strong, together we are boundless…


It’s early morning here and I’ve got to be up for work shortly, but I’d very much like to give you detailed answers to your very good questions tomorrow. I’ll break it up between factual cannon, speculation, and my own personal head cannon. There is actually quite a bit that we know, and quite a bit more we don’t know yet. All that being said, the specific lore is deliberately vague- we the community are the authors of our own destiny.