Questions for farming testers

For the crops that grow by hanging, do they grow if you have chiselled the top of that block?

Eg: goo hangs from sponge, would it grow if the top half of that sponge block was chiselled off?

Also, I’m still not entirely clear about the crops burning when lava is touching.

Does it have to touch the plant itself, or the block the crop in planted in, or both?

If you mean half blocks, it doesn’t work because only full block and slope blocks allow planting, same way like with grass on live.

Some blocks will burn when lava touches, I don’t mean adjacent like vertical flow, I mean when flow would continue so that it would populate block. I haven’t actually tested lava over crops, but lava destroys grass so I expect it have same effect to planted items.

I am actually just jumping to testing so I can drop lava to few farming places and give screenshot samples.
Here is also one video where I test some burning with lava.


Here is short video of burning crops.

It not be clear from video but I put some goo hanging on slope chiseled sponge and berry vines to foliage those were gone when lava did come same block.

Video is missing fuel plants (Combustion Fraction and Kindling Mass) but those will also burn.


Thanks for doing that!

Just so I have it straight.

Soil block with crop on top, lava beside soil block, crop does not burn?

Lava next to soil don’t burn, but there is no reason right now to have lava next to soil except for visual purposes.

If you are thinking of goo, growth and sponge blocks will burn. So stuff that is planted to those will burn.
If you plant goo to rock and have chisel rock so that you can place or flow lava to it, goo below will burn.

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