Quick question about Creatures and Tiers

Just a quick question to the hunters out there that know

What name on a creature represents their tier?

Would it be something like:
Tier 1 - Wildstock?
Tier 2 - Stout Wildstock?
Tier 3 - Strong Wildstock?
Tier 4 - Mighty Wildstock?
Tier 5 - Elite Wildstock?

Seems right to me. There are no tier 4 and 5 roadrunners though as far as i know, so the hightest for those is Strong. Also there are elemental types, but the tier is determined by the same “prefix” as in normal mobs

Does tier determine strength of attack only?

I’m sure most have seen tier 2 with no shield and tier 1 with shield.

Just wondering what the tier specifically represents.

I do not know what the names mean. I do not think it is tier based either. The different tiers of monster are signified by their appearances and I am almost certain I have seen different prefixes on monsters who are top tier. The higher a monster’s tier, the fancier and bigger they look. The higher the tier, the more HP and base damage they do and they even gain new attacks.

I think the prefixes signify the number and nature of augments the monster has.

It’s on the wiki.

tiers are a thing
in addition to tiers creatures have buffs
higher tier creatures can (but wont always) spawn with more buffs.

a non buffed stout wildstock is always stronger and healthier than a non buffed regular wildstock.

you can see the buffs on a creature when their hp bar is visible.

I know that tiers are a thing, I just did not think names were related. I am at work, so I cannot check this, but I am fairly certain I remember the top tier monsters on T6 planets being Mighty, Stout, Strong, etc. The top tier monsters use the final monster models.

oh yes the models coincide with the name prefixes.
and OP was correct in their ordering…


Not just strength no. They have different attacks at higher tiers to watchout for.

For example higher tier cuttlefish can grab you and fling you in the air. Which isn’t so bad if you can land on something but is deadly off a cliff or when other monsters are shooting at you because you are held in place. Higher tier spitters will do 3 lots of shrapnel bombs, which if you dodge, split into 3 more bombs, making the whole area light up. If you are in the wrong spot, you’ll be bounced around all over the place assuming you survive it. Even if you do if they are of a certain element you will most certainly find yourself debuffed in a higher tier spitter fight with several of them at once.

Which is also something to note. On T6 for example you may well find a group spawn of elite hoppers, whereas on the lower tier worlds, you’ll at most find 1 boss mob. For those of us farming hoppers this is very nice :D, but when its 4 elite scuttles with an armor boost, it can take some work to kill them all off. Unless you are running a pure dps build.

Oh but the most annoying creature to fight. Is an elemental speed boosted elite spitter with health. They can take forever. Especially if its a fast boost with an increased fire rate.

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I now usually blast through lvl 1-2 meteors on Shedu Tier, but sometimes i can encounter an elite or mighty Cuttletrunk or Wildstock that will bust be neigh unkillable, superfast and being able to 1-3 shot me.

Really wish the indicators for this would be alot more obvious!

Sometimes i feel like a dev has jumped into a mob just to mess with me.

I would totally do that if i was a dev, and it was possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are tiers of creatures, which determines their health and strength. It often will determine the attacks they are able to choose from.

Exotic creatures are something else entirely, and as far as I know can be of any tier. They have additional buffs to their base stats, seen by the status effect indicators above their heads.

In Russia, roadrunner chase and kill YOU.

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i somehow struggled to find that last night, thank you.