R188 - Where to find fibrous leaves?

Fibrous plants give me fibrous leaves maybe 1 in 5 times and even then it’s only 1 of the required 5 leaves to make 1 sackcloth. Anyone willing to share with me any secrets on getting these things seeing as they’re required for so much?

yucca plant dropped some for me - so go out there and whack all plants you see as those drops seem to be distributed between various plants now

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Yucca seems to be the only plant it drops from - although you can occasionally get it from foliage too I think (need to confirm before I add it to the site!)


It really is Pain in the A** now to get this Leaves. Only dropped from Yucca and Foilage for me (like said before). But what really is twisting my nerves is that the Linecloth Craft is so incredible expensive and will be Lost in the End… We were farming now for about 2-3 hours and found a little more than enough to Bulk Craft Cloth 2 times… with a few Prepatch Cloth i now have enough to Craft Sacks for 50 Sugar… from Easy to find Sap… Just to be Thrown away in the Next Step…

Pleeeeeease give me recycleable Sacks or balance this in another way Devs :frowning:


Fortunately it’s as simple as changing the drop values to be reasonably gathered.

Also keep in mind, ideally there will be at least one item in a recipe that is harder to gather than the rest, giving that item better trade value. If everyone could quickly and easily obtain all of the mats without putting much effort in to it, there would be no value to trading or buying goods!

That being said, it is still quite possible that the drop rate is not quite fine-tuned yet.

highly doubting it’s fine tuned seeing as it’s needed for all non-stone weapon and tools. It’s way easier to get the “rare” bean than it is to get this “common” leaf…


Yikes, you’re absolutely right

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I totally see your Point, for me its just the Fact, that you have to grind for hours to get an item, that you throw away almost right after you got it. Its like: “Phew nice, now i have enough Sacks to store my Sugar in, lets make the Sugar.” 2 hours Later “Nice now i got the Sugar i needed for my Cake Party, lets cook” and while you cook you just throw away the Sacks? You need them in the Cake itself? You eat it as Snack while cooking? It just makes no Sense to me xDD

It would be nice if you get out the Cake and about half the amount of Sacks you had as ingredients or “Sugar Crustad Sacks” or some “Used Sacks” you can use again, to just makes more Sense :stuck_out_tongue: