Race and Planet Lore

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So I’m not sure if any lore is in the works for specific playable races, but perhaps this is something that the community should pool ideas for as each character model is released? Also each world could have a little bit of lore attached to it which might help to inspire how we build on each world?
I think a great game needs great lore and I would love to hear some ideas!


Lots of this topic flying around on the forum



As you can see, simply sarching for “lore” would have answered your request…

Also, can you please look at this?

I have searched for lore, but these posts are about a background storyline type lore. What I’m saying is to think of lore for each race, their racial and cultural histories etc. This would be an ongoing thing as the races have not yet been released or even designed properly yet, which is why we currently play as Lester the orange cheese.


@TheGameChicken Cool idea, one I don’t think has been discussed much. We don’t know much about the races of Oort yet, and world-specific lore is something I’ve wondered about too…

How would you go about creating lore for specific worlds?

May be through a history of the world’s titan, the ruins (which race lived there before and why). I think of Wildstar at this point a bit, cuz there the progenitors created the life on the world through experiments and left recordings and notes about their progress on this field. Also, there could be a system in the placing and connection between the worlds related to other points of interest like stars or solar systems.

I was thinking maybe like if one of the capitols that’s submerged in water could be like that because of a flood. that way the builds in that capitol should have half submerged mega-structures from before the flood, with just the top half/ tip accessible. perhaps one planet could have a mining history, so buildings are built around caves. some mines could even be reclaimed as mountainside town halls. So each planet/capitols history can change the way we build there

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