Railway transport

Alright hear me out boys; my pal Grunther and I have been thinking:

What if we had railways?

It may be overkill to use portals for shorter distances. I wouldn’t want every player to constantly scale up a mountain that I built my settlement on - Instead, everyone can just relax and enjoy the ride up or down. Personal uses could involve traversing through long mining tunnels (vertically or horizontally).

And of course, settlements could build entire networks connecting to each other - underground, overground or on bridges across bodies of water. It would be cool to see bridges stretching across the landscape above players for the skyrail or the glass tunnels underwater that would inevitably be built.

I think it would also help spread the players out a bit more. I reckon you would see more players travelling from settlement A to B across the world instead of everyone huddling in centralised portal hubs.

For the concerned, railways wouldn’t replace portals because:

  • It’s slower (vs instant transport)
  • Can’t go between worlds (although maybe they can go through portals for a galactic railway system)
  • Requires way more space/plots

This or let us ride the goats.


i really love trainz and stuff, and it could be cool having that, but then local portals would need to become much more pricey otherwise nobody would use them :open_mouth:

riding goats: yes :smiley:
and riding cuttletrunk :smiley:


I love this idea. Both the trains and riding goats are excellent. Tbh I can’t think of much better than scaling a mountain on a nice train ride.

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It’s definitely a beneficial system to have. Especially when a certain competitor has already implemented and polished this system.

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I think there are so many possibilities for cool builds that could be done with a rail system and could really help give some builds some charm. Do you think this is a viable idea @Tobelawe

I would love to see a rail system myself.

As to @PiratenBraut thinking that local portals would not be used if trains existed… I disagree. Trains take time to travel, portals are instant.

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I’ve heard there’s a possible taming mechanic the devs were considering. Maybe that will allow us to ride the creatures.


Riding creatures sounds cool but I wonder if there would be a problem with it being too clunky

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Oh really, we get taming? Finally we can cuddle cuddletrunks. The sounds they make suggest they’re up for that.

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Sounds good to me! If the community were behind it I’m sure we would consider it. That said we have loads of features we want to implement and we will have to prioritize them on popularity.


You heard the man

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made one in beta

but trains are old fashion if devs make it i want it to be monorail :smile:


yeah i think a monorail would be awesome

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Being able to build on a rail cart of some sort would be cool that you link with others for multiple passengers, maybe even extra carrying space for mats!

Going even further, if you could build an coal engine…

Coal engine-
4 rail carts
5 iron crucibles
100 machined iron
500-1000 nails
500 cogs
Power coils?

Coal needed to power engine. Maybe even have a coin slot so people can put in 5 coins or more depending on coal burned for travel.

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I agree! Railways of some kind would be awesome! It would be a great way to link settlements on a world while keeping the feeling on that world. If you use a portal to go from one settlement to another settlement on the same world, it takes you out of the world. You might as well be going to another world. And after awhile, after going from portal to portal, you lose track of what is what and where is where. A rail system would help a planet maintain its character.

Furthermore, it would allow the creators of a settlement to guide visitors. It’s great to explore a settlement, but sometimes I would just like to sit back, enjoy the ride, and let the settlement show me what it’s all about. Also, if there’s another settlement close to a capital city, but not close enough, a rail system would help keep me from missing it. And, the ability to pay for a ride that will take me all the way around a planet would be pretty awesome.


if some one has the option to use a portal or a train do you think they will use the train? I am just curious if people think this will generate enough traffic on the trains to justify the development time. I do understand that people might be interested in building them, that is a different issue from them being used.


There is one issue. So far only environment can kill an Oort. Height or creatures. Train will be fast. What happens when Oort stand on the way of running train? And what about griefing that comes with it?

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What will happened to small 2 conduit portals?
Why should i use rail instead of said 2 conduit portal from home to nearest hub?
How much plots would have to be used to build any kind of usable rail and where can i get them?

Don’t forget: “Who will get cash from ticket sales? Owner of a train? Of the railroad? The plots railroad get through?”

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