[Raken] --[T5 Burn Exoworld]-- [Last Seen 20th April 2019] Landscape

Cool looking planet and screenshots! But, what’s with the higher tier planets in this game and their obsession with shades of Greens and Yellows when it comes to stone? Can the procedural algorithm get a tweaking please? A bit of variation would be nice.


Neat looking world! Was just paying a visit, gathering some wood, but I could tell trying to navigate this lavascape while also trying to pay attention to The Masters was going to end in disaster, so time to cut it short.

There is also Mud & Sponge on the planet.

Sponge - Stale Moss

Mud - Shadow Yellow

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Thanks updated.

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Can you give the color name i will update the block color section ?

Sponge - Stale Moss
Mud - Shadow Yellow

Personally I have more problems with the atmosphere colours and ambient lights in higher tier planets than the block colours most of the time. I do feel like colours on planets could be complementary colours more often than just similar hues. For example I dislike mining on Malurialakrib because all the rock is similar hue and quite dark. :confused:

One reason I liked Therka a lot during pre-release was because all the colours felt “right” and were good complements to each other, but I suppose maybe that was pure chance; though I don’t remember having a beef with most other pre-release planet colours either. As I say, it’s dense/intensely coloured atmospheres that tend to bother me. :slight_smile:


if it’s not done, i suggest you create a subject (which could be pinned) and list all the exo in alphabetical order with links to the topics you created

it would be great @Gorillastomp

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Great idea, i will do this later today. I can’t pin it unless someone do it but having all of them in a single topic would be great and easier for later research.

@Gorillastomp i will add tints for those later today!

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Surface Rocks
Basic Boulder - Dark Yellow , Night Green, Dark Turquoise, Shadow Yellow, Warm Yellow, Silk Mint
Boulder Tower - Dark Mustard,Dark Turquoise,Silk Mint,Warm Yellow
Tapered Boulder - Silk Mint, Dark Mustard
Beanstalk Boulder - Dark Turquoise,Silk Mint,Warm Yellow
Boulder Chip - Dark Mustard, Silk Mint

Tinted-Burst Fungus - Deep Yellow
Mottled Tar Spot Fungus - Dark Yellow
Clustered Tongue Fungus - Dark Green
Glow Cap Fungus - Deep Yellow

Oortian’s Staff - Strong Violet
Desert Sword - Strong Lavender
Trumpet Root - Strong Yellow
Spineback Plant - Strong Slate


Thanks! I have updated the post.

To expand it might be good to have a separate subforum (category?) for this altogether.

Over time this could become quite a catalog of planets that have come and gone.

Has this planet expired yet?

in theory should be tomorrow

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cheers mate :fist:

i am adding the date in here i will add it to the planet info as well i think.

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