Ramza Griefing on T7 Zeta

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Video Proof: https://youtu.be/sHKWTyGWUyU

Many players are currently mining for Rift on Zeta the new T7 which has a limited amount of hotspots for everyone to share. Ramza feels that due to him being at one first, makes that one his and proceeds to grief (Follow you around and then stand in front of you as soon as you expose rift so that he can mine it while you hit him instead of the rift). He did this to one of my friends PSN:Alicia2330, myself, and a few other players moving through. I recorded the video getting the gist of what was happening. He also states that he will just follow and grief me if I do not leave. I was not mining near him just the same hotspot (which are plenty big for many players to mine at once). He mined over to me and then proceeded to grief by mining under me, blocking and then stealing rift, and just being disruptive.

Thank you for reviewing this.


Update: Post was never reviewed as the devs continue to neglect actual issues and work on their illusion of progress. Progress being on another companies game as theirs dies.


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I’d recommend just sending a PM to a dev to report it, there’s also in game reporting. Thread will most likely get locked and unlisted because of Code of Conduct on the forums.

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