Random AOE Boon (Discussion and Suggestions)


I think that if that’s the reasoning behind it, they should really do this will ALL multi-stage boons. Rank 10 dmg and you get a -25% durability thrown in etc etc.

Otherwise it’s needlessly incongruent and confusing.


I always likened the forging system to that of your standard MMO mob drops… you put in some effort, grind a few mobs, defeat a special/rare/end mob and you get a randomised loot drop… not always what you want etc.

The “vision” was in pounds and pence :laughing:


So now that we know we should clear the gums and/or stop leveling aoe at 4, they’re going to do a forge rework? Yay finally :smiley:


No it’s still unpredictable’ish to get max forge with no negative attributes. But before the rework somebody cracked the code and figured out super-easy ways to get what you want, hence the post forging re-work world we live in today.


Isn’t it possible atm to get a max forge with 0 quirks/defects with the right deck? Expensive, but possible.


It’s just unlikely, not impossible.


No but I mean consistently, 100% of the time. I thought that’s how the rift etc forges are done.


Haven’t read all 30 messages, but as for the Random AoE Boon, I don’t understand why it exists or why it’s Rank 5, since it’s a downgrade.

It’s more like a trap for the player who kept putting boon points to get an upgrade for a different boon, and got Rank 5 AoE instead, forcing the player to scrap the forged tool and start over.


It’s 100% repeatable. It’s just brutally expensive. You just have to line up the right boons, that’s been the only problem ever. Once the boons are lined up then you start the process.


I don’t know guys… I like the forging for its unpredictability and need for strategy, changing on the fly.

we can complain why some gums give 1 boon, some gums give 4 boons, why flexibility differs without any logic, why fate paste is not always landing high within the boon points, etc, etc.

In my opinion the Centraforge is unique piece of gear and making it less complex would simply lower my enthusiasm in this thing. People need challenges, and this is it. Lv5 AOE is just another trap we have to avoid and in opinion one of the easiest.

Why we are actually even discussing it ?
For me its perfectly fine as it is.


Not really even that expensive…fir a mid/late game player. Not if you target aoe and damage and no more.

I Roll 3 spec gums and get Aoe and Magnet, then wash with Vig Catalyst.
Then I roll 3 Effect Gums and push that to the max.

I also boon removal solvent, corrupted boon 1, fate/stab paste, and defect removal compound.


Yes I know, but targeting two boons isn’t really the absolute maximum you can push it :slight_smile: Then it gets expensive. Doing that on a lucent tool is even more expensive.


I think the discussion is more a long the lines, and maybe I’m wrong, of why it’s just in the rank 5 slot. I’ve forged hundreds of aoe tools. I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have ‘overforged’ and gotten the boon to 5, and each time can be tied to me not paying attention. I’m capable of getting my desired ranks of damage / busybee or dura/ and then cranking it to aoe 4 and setting.

It’s fairly easy to control, at least I think it is personally. This same convo has come up off and on over the last year by different people, especially folks who have just gotten in to forging (at least that’s what it seems). I think the majority of us are used to it and have learned how to forge around it and it doesnt impact our process overall.

However we see this topic crop up every now and then, usually by folks newer to forging. To me, that should say something as to its implementation. We basically have people that started the forging game, asked this same question, never really got an answer, so we just learned how to work around it. I get the theory of ‘it’s there for over forging consequences’ but to me, defects and quirks are consequences of over forging. Not boons. Boons are supposed to be positive aspects. Boon means “a thing that is helpful or beneficial”. rank 5 AOE could be seen as that to some I guess, but I’ve never heard of anyone claiming such.

edit: What other ‘boon’ do we have that causes what we consider a ‘detriment’ to the item? This is the only one that I can think of. But that’s just because it loses it’s aoe functionality. Technically it still is a stronger item.



Isn’t boon 5 still the best if you are just going to strip mine anyways? 100% dmg, no need for strength brews, and dur only drops for the # of blocks hit. Would make more sense to have boon 5 AOE if you are just mass mining. Use speed brew.

The randomness doesn’t matter if you are hitting everything in a sphere anyways.

Think I’ll try this out.


Anyone willing to craft me some AoE 5 boon hammers with speed and dur? I’ll report back once I try it


I’m eager to find how you feel about it :slight_smile: I’ll keep my response closed until you get a chance. I’ll go check my vault right now and see if I have any left.


I will for the fun, any preferred gem type ?


I’ll be able to try after work today, and if anyone is on tonight central us time, I’ll buy their AoE boon 5 hammers if they have dur and speed


Your effective mining speed goes down by quite a lot I’d imagine since you have to do more swings to mine the same amount of area. But I haven’t tried it!


I strongly suggest you don’t waste your time. In theory it sounds great… But in reality you will hit the center block and average only 2-4 other blocks. Your movement will be extremely restricted.

If you do still want to try it, only use one hammer.