Random AOE Boon (Discussion and Suggestions)


Any gem type works. As long as it has those boons


Yeah, totally understand just want to experiment. If I’m swinging 5 times a second, the randomness shouldn’t really matter


This is one of my first forges from way back when. It’s being viewed by a character that has no hammer skills. You can just have it. I had 3 of them, I keep them as reminders :joy:

If someone wants to forge you a specific aoe 5 tool and that’s what you’d prefer that’s ok :smiley: It’ll stay over my forge machine with all my other … learning curves.



Too much too read it all, it has grown fast, the topic.

So will only say what someone said looong time ago, and I agree with: random hitter makes a great quirk.


Yea, i did have one hammer, its difficult. I thought Random means really Random and that said I expected in average half of the 9 blocks to be broken. Its was at best 3-4 blocks, which makes the movement difficult, durability of the hammer naturally is lower per block. Didnt try with speed though.


I think for an accurate representation, to measure against my normal mining. I’d need the speed boon too.


Please post screenshots of your experiment :wink: (When you get there)


Will do, i will be logging on in about 9 hrs to pick up the hammers, so I will report back tonight


I agree, I kinda enjoy the ‘thrill’ of getting it just right - but not too high!



There’s still the free hammer that I mentioned earlier in the thread, sitting on my base with a link to the directions.


I maked this for yooo lol

In the interest of an accurate representation :wink:


Sounds great, can you PM me for directions to buy it tonight? I’ll be on in about 6.5. Hrs after work


That had to hurt.


Haha, I appreciate all the community members assisting me on this experiment.

I think I’ll experiment on sapphires so I dont get effected by random lava


You are a stronger man than I.


I had to work so hard to get it to 5 lol. felt dirty all the way… But I did it FOR SCIENCE!

Edit: and to be fair, I did say “you name it I’ll make it”, so i kinda had to…


Would it be reasonable to say that AoE boon 5 needs a buff then…? Even if it remains unpredictable?


So I had just got up when I saw that pic of a hammer with random AoE and max durability lol. Catching up with the thread:

Apparently it gets one, with the damage returning to the tool. Which is nice, if you were trying to push AoE up before adding any other boons.

I have to admit i find this to be a reasonable balance tactic, compared to some of the other things the forge does. I’d far rather see the unusable boons removed, if there was an either/or situation.

Molav I so much want to see/hear your mining trip lol. Even when I was new and hunting for ‘forge fail’ stands to get cheap tools, I learned to avoid this unless it was priced at a cost below an unforged tool. When clean diamonds were selling for 5k+ you could sometimes get these hammers for 2500- 2900 coin.

I know random AoE doesn’t sound THAT bad. But it’s nice that @Prome3us put that to max durability because if you’re not dual wielding, you waste so many hits having to hit blocks it didn’t remove, and don’t have other blocks around them any more, just so you can move around.

Very much this. Also you eat a lot of durability hitting blocks that you already hit but that don’t have any other blocks around them any more. The hammer makes a swiss cheese and you still have to clear it.

Definitely awaiting your report on this. When people say “strip mine” i generally assume they mean mining a straight tunnel, then mining back. You can’t do this with AoE 5 effectively.


Strip mine in my terms is mining spherically from a central point in key altitudes. Then moving on to the next untouched sphere. Linear mining probably wont be effective.

I’ll be testing mining efficiency in a spherical manner where I am standing in the center of a hot spot.

Look forward to testing this out for the community.

My baseline is my recent experience with a boon 4 aoe, increase speed, and dur boons. Which neted me about ~2000-2,400 sapphires in 30 minutes


Wow. In the best hotspots i know on houchus that’s more an hourly rate for me. But to be fair, I try and get hammers with durability not speed.

Wait what? What magic is this?