Random AOE Boon (Discussion and Suggestions)


I know, I was laughing the whole time in disbelief.

Aoe boon 4, dur, and speed +40, with mega speed brew. I was flabbergasted.

“This is nuts” was said repeatedly.

It eats up the hammer, but was still effecitve.
Its like mining with a Jack hammer


So, you were getting the speed from the brew? I mean, let me be clear. You can’t put AoE on a hammer, restore it to T6 damage, and then forge both speed and durability onto it.


Correct, I was one shotting regular rock, but 2 shotting resources. So it was not a technical t6 dmg.

This is with max dmg from skill page too.


This is what’s referred to as t6 damage. AoE 4 removes 60 percent of the hammer’s damage or something like that. You have to forge devastating damage up to level 8 in order to one shot that t6 rock. There is no hammer that can 1 hit t6 seams, even devastating damage +10 on a diamond.

So, once you have added AoE to it, and then restored damage with devastating damage, you only have one more boon to forge. It’s not possible to add both durability and speed to a hammer that can 1 hit 3x3 t6 rock.


Hmmm, I’m not sure then. What I used for my baseline. Was a hammer that had +40 speed boon, aoe all, and dur.

My skills included dmg epic, hammer epic, hammer dmg, power max. And I tested it slowly to make sure at first if I was one shotting or double hitting rock.

Maybe the skills produced enough base dmg to put me past the threshold?

I cant remember the exact dmg I had on them. I had bought them from aenea.

Suppose I can test one of my baseline hammers again if aenea has any in stock when I get on


Nope, maybe there was a speed quirk on, that could bump it up a bit, but AOE and dura take up 2 slots, for the third boon, there can be only one (hehe). If you were 1shotting t6 rock you must have had dmg on the boon side, as even carpe diem wont be enough once the AOE eats that 60%

E: this thing will deffos 1shot rock if you’re specced, and not 1 hit seams. Heck I’d follow you chucking speed bombs just to see you lift off the ground like thor when swinging that thing.


Hmmm, I’ll have to look next time, maybe I was wrong. Maybe they had dmg instead of dur.

Edit: I’ll go back to aeneas tonight for some baseline, maybe she’ll have some in stock.

Definitely had aoe and speed. I must have mistaken dur for dmg.i think it was like +20 dmg on boon side.

Hmmm, then I guess I need dmg, speed, and AOE 5


Everything about this conversation makes me grin. I can’t wait til you get a chance to test it out.


The lvl 5 aoe keeps 100% of the damage, wasn’t that the whole point to see if it’s viable because of this? You have one free boon slot


With max power, max hammer mastery, hammer epic, and damage epic (standard miner build really) when you put AoE4 on a hammer (3x3) you still have to forge the hammer to devastating damage level 7 or 8 in order to one-hit t6 rock with it. I’m pretty sure it has to be 8 and showing +20 dmg in forge effects

Like so:

Once you’ve done that you have to choose between adding durability, speed, or another boon. A hammer that showed positive damage, AoE all, added speed and added durability under forge effects can’t exist.


Yes, oh yeah so dur, aoe 5, and speed is what I need for the new hammers for testing.

And now that I’ve thought about it I think one my baseline hammers it was dmg instead of dur. So 2000 dur on diamonds, with +40 speed and +20 dmg



Oh rly… LOL. I think I need a new O-ring, mighta just popped mine with that forge… :rofl:


No, discussing the comment here:


Oh nvm then, missed the relevant part :smiley:


Ah yeah, looks right, but no dur instead I had speed +40


Ok, yes this is Aenea’s favorite forge.


yeah 5 keeps dmg freeing up that slot, we’re comparing what Molav used previously. And a bit of + speed is possible with quirks, as you can get +dura with wonky trigger on a dmg/aoe/speed hammer


Right so it’s a speed, aoe 4, and dmg 7 or 8 versus a speed, aoe 5, dur. Both with mega speed brew


Thanks for clearing this up


No worry once that comment sunk in I just had to know. I’m usually using durability hammers like the one I posted above, with persisting pie and mega speed it still goes for roughly an hour and a half of mining.

I did use a speed hammer and some starberry pie the other day, seems like it barely lasted 15-20 minutes. It’s fun but WOW a lot more expensive for the same amount of blocks mined.