Random AOE Boon (Discussion and Suggestions)


On my baseline I used 1 persisting pie and 2 hammers I think. With 3 mega speed brews.

I was really just attempting originally to gather as much as I could in the shortest time possible. But the AOE boon 5 has me curious


Really? Yea naturally you’re going to get less overall per hammer but what is your focus? Squeezing out the per hammer or per play session? Based off your comments in the past I’m guessing the former. I think regarding previous conversations this is where we see a difference in gems/per pie or however else you want to dissect it.


Haha, I love that pie is the unit of time in boundless. 10 pies ago I was on houchus lol


Just woke up from a restful sleep to find this thread had blown up like an umbris bomb. Thank you to everyone participating and now a few thoughts.

I feel the thread has veered off the original path a bit BUT I see optimal mining techniques have people interested.

It hurts my heart greatly that you guys are wasting your time, materials and hammers in the name of research on this matter but so very thankful.

In the interest of this thread I am going to hop on for a bit and get some screenshots that are representative of the matter at hand to better illustrate the issue.


This is great XD


That’s the thing about this community that I enjoy most I think. Conversations just organically take over some times. I almost wish it was like Reddit sometimes so a parent thread could have several sub thread conversations without the main topic being lost. I know it can be an annoyance sometimes when you’re trying to drill down one thing, but at the same time it’s super awesome to see.


Sorry to go off topic, it was just really intriguing.


If you want me to split the thread into it’s own topic from a specific post onwards, let me know!


That might actually be good, from where I said question! In the beginning


I’d bet money you won’t do it more than once. It’s really awful. even if it does allow an extra boon. It’s going to waste so much of that durability, especially if you’re trying to mine out from a standing position.

Yeah I’m looking at “per tool”. I’ve posted on this before, but there’s something a lot of people don’t realize, which is the math for buff stacking in this game is bad. I had my suspicions early on but when i started looking at numbers in a consistent environment (tree farming) it seems pretty clear.

This, together with a focus on maximizing RoI on a per tool basis, is why i strongly favor durability forges stacked with the durability drain epic. Mostly, my explanatory posts have been in discussions regarding people asking about persisting foods vs. teaching foods because the math isn’t there to use a teaching pie while mining, IMO.

But it’s also why i chime in when people start talking about balancing issues based on “per hour” rates and especially when it seems clear that they’re talking about burst rates and averaging math, not actually sustained mining. It’s not such an issue with other activities because if it’s regen farming you can always sustain.

Now that the starberry foods provide endless energy, you can achieve some crazy turnover on a strictly blocks per minute basis. And ofc on houchus the sapphires are thick and not spread far, vertically. I don’t doubt Molav’s statement about 2k+ in a half hour. It’s expensive though, in terms of tool use. Much more than what it saves in buff use.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a conversation about measuring in terms of gems per pie. That would vary wildly based on the pie type.

With persisting pies and mega speed, though, I can break 2000 gems per hour on houchus. And sustain it. I’ve never sustained that long on Galan but the vertical distribution of topaz gets me worse than the sapphire. Anyway in light of that, equipping for speed and with starberry food I can see doing that in half the time. But it wrecks the blocks/gems per hammer metric which is definitely my normal focus.


The whole teaching pie is different anyway because of the ‘free cubits’ some people use it for. We’ve probably done some of the same tests on efficiencies I’d imagine. I always enjoy seeing the conclusions others come to and how they got there. :slight_smile:


Honestly some of this belongs in a mining techniques thread on it’s own some good info for new people.


@Stretchious you can name the break of thread – “has molav lost his mind?” Lol


So some examples of the rank 5 vs rank 4 in action. This was done on a level one planet because we have to remember while most of us use Elite tools this applies to any tool of any level (say titanium for instance).

Rank 4 3x3 strips

Rank 5 3x3 strips

Rank 4 strip mining area in range in front if character

Rank 5 strip mining area in range in front of character


Sorry about the crappy pics I play on ps4 and upload screenshots sucks


I would say strip mining an area with rank 5 seems to be the best use for the tool but it still bring issues in navigating that a rank 4 doesn’t.


On avg how many blocks does it remove at a time?


Lemme get a small sample real quick.


IDK it looks to me like you’ve exposed barely half of the rock the 3x3 exposed, and you still can’t move. You can’t even see much of the rock that you did expose.

Now if you want to maintain your floor level you need to be careful while clearing your path to only tap the tops of the rocks as well.

Just an off the cuff estimate but to see all of the rock that you have either exposed or broken in screenshot 3, you’re going to spend more than twice the durability and considerably more time moving carefully about.

The tunneling, it’s barely any more use than a single shot. And again, you have to be more careful (tapping the top of the block you’re facing) to avoid endlessly drifting down.


Yeah I was just saying if that is the only tool you have that would probably be the best way to use it.

It seems to average about 3 blocks. 2 blocks is very common though.