Random crashing!


Just crashed again. It would be one thing if you crashed and were back where you were when you crashed. The most frustrating thing is being teleported so far away when you crash. I have yet to crash and die because I spend more time gathering. But, if I spent more time hunting and died because of crashing, I’m not sure I would continue to play the game.

It reminds me a lot of original Everquest in 1999. Servers were unstable and there was constant disconnecting and rubberbanding resulting in death. The experience penalty was huge. When you died because of rubberbanding or disconeccting, it was devastating. This is the only MMO I have played in nearly 20 years that has these same issues. It’s unfortunate because it is a very fun game. Devs should concentrate on server stability and stop adding content until the game is 100% stable.


And again.


same here ps4 i think i have bad my hdmi cable i buy new premium but same adn game crashed again and again blue screen after this send reports more time than play omg


The crashes your seeing are when it thinks the window is resized. At the moment your the only user hitting this one. Are you doing anything when its occurs (alt-tabbing/resizing the window/maximising etc)?

Another possible is your running out of vram.
You do have some of the settings set very high so lowering a few could win back some space (eg num open portals and render portals),.


I’ve had it happen while doing nothing. I also have task manager up on another monitor and never come anywhere near 50% of my system resources. At the moment: CPU: 16%m Memory 40%, Disk 0%, Network 0%, GPU 60%. IS there any information I can provide to resolve these issues? Thanks michaelb!


Just crashed again.


Did you reduce any of the graphics settings? The main thing that use vram number of portals open and rendered, the Terrain Detail and the Total Data Loaded Through Portals.

Task Manager shows gpu utilization (crudely at 60% load it could render 2/3 more frame per second) and not vram usage.


Not sure what is happening but with every patch the game got worse. Wouldnt even let me into the game a few times after the last update.

Very random bugs and lag spikes happening in all regions and with a lot of people that do not join a forum ever.

I was part of a 187 person community for boundless, it is empty now. I had 34 friends including my self on the ps4 playing this game, no one plays it anymore.

I cant believe its on our end, friends from around the globe quit because of network issues…


We dont have many options on console. Reducing chunk rate does nothing, i dont even think it works on ps4 properly it had zero effect visually or performance wise.


I have a gaming PC and can run games like Final Fantasy 14 at max settings without lag. Reducing settings seems like a cop-out and I just crashed again with fatal error 31. I agree with Xani. I have no lag issues from any game. Rubber-banding is server-side. I literally have not rubberbanded in a game since Everquest in 1999 before they had their servers up to par. Also, it’s not a portal rendering issue because I am in my base. I have a single portal that was nowhere near where I am standing and there are no other portals anywhere near me. It’s not like I’m standing in a hub. I’m on Alder away from anyone.


My starter world alder. I like that world and in the first week of release the game ran fine, not optimal but it was playable and i also had one portal that rendered instantly and gave me no issues. Then the patch came and i had to move building became impossible, moving in the game is a job and a half.

Then another update came and i moved once more inevitably it became bad everywhere, how are they telling us or asking us about our networks. Its 2019 im not in russia anymore we have 5g networks it makes no sense.


I have all 10 characters unlocked, have been playing for around a month and have 264 played hours. I love the game. But the instability issues are ruining the experience. I have hundreds of plots and have been non-stop building/gathering. There were no crashing issues when I first started that I can recall. Wondering if it had something to do with a patch. I haven’t been playing long enough that I have much to compare it to. But am thoroughly convinced these are not client-side issues since I have no issues with much more graphic intensive games as max settings and can have multiple monitors with tons of stuff going without putting a dent in my performance in any other game/application. The issues I have been seeing are specific to this game. The game will crash and then my main monitor will say “no Signal.” I have to unplug and replug the monitor. So I thought maybe it had something to do with my graphic drivers. I fully updated them when I first wrote this post and issues have remained consistent. All drivers are up to date and I’ve tried playing other games without any issues. I’ve never seen anything like the monitor issue. It happens every time the game crashes.


I never seen anything like it either. Someone keeps mentioning its a very unique build, but i play cross plat form on war thunder. Pc xbox and ps4 around the globe tearing each other a new it runs beautifully.

Then someone mentiones how the world is ever changing and im like, nms is a thousand times bigger and has a procedurally generated everything thats updated live for everyone to experience. Runs like a hot knife through butter, smooth as silk.

Im following another post now the devs are replying finally. Seems theres an issue with their provider is what i am getting from it. Other then that its all gibberish to me.

I want a plane and simple english answer. Please somebody.


Today the crashing was at defcon 5! Insane amount of crashing every 30 min or so and sometimes within very short spans of each other. It’s been incredibly frustrating specially since they aren’t the total blue screen crashes that result in a report to PSN. This would at at least allow me to help the devs narrow in on wtf is happening on PS4. Not sure if I have to take video or something just to show how it’s happening but it was not like this when the game first game out.


As its not crashing (blue screen) and kicking you back to the log in then its more likely your loosing your connection to PSN for a short span of time. We’ll look what we can do for that case.


That is basically the out of vram behaviour in Windows where the monitors turn off. We see the same where unplugging one will sometimes recover Windows as it frees up vram. The worlds do take a lot of vram so lowering those setting I mentioned will reduce it. It should not be crashing though and be giving a sensible error message,

If you want to see VRAM use there are 3rd party tools eg MSI Afterburner that show it along with other performance info. It works on non MSI graphics cards.

On Windows 10 then with newer cards and drivers the Task Manager Performance tab should also provide more gpu info.


I created a new character and for a day there was no issues untill i connected that character to my alt via the permission system. My main is unplayable could it be a bug and not a network issue?

The alt character i created didnt lag at all, connected to worlds just fine untill i met up with my main, i didnt report it but seems very odd.


2 weeks later and the identical thing happened. At this point I only mine when I am completely out of iron and don’t mine for fun anymore because of the frequency of these crashes.


I just changed Terrain detail to medium, total data loaded through portals: 50%, max open/max rendered portals to 2. Any other suggestions? I’m willing to try anything to figure this out. Thanks Michael!


I have a feeling and only that, all that gleam and new lanterns they released. Light assests are heavy in a game engine. People are building towers and vaults out of them in concentrated areas. That could be stressing the client as it does on my ps4.

The test server apperently addresses this, waiting for it to go live i have a good hunch it will be fixed.