Random crashing!


Not sure what was changed during the last patch but at least on PS4 crashing is now an issue. Before the last patch what’s known as bluescreening on PS4 was a random although sparce occurrence. Now the game app seems to crash and send you back into a “relogging” screen constantly. It’s far more prevalent than something like bluescreening. I’m not the only one experiencing this either. My friends on PS4 are having similar issues.


Although the subject of the forum topic mentions the issue occurring randomly, was there anything you were doing in particular?


I’ve noticed that my brother and I seem to crash to either a relogging screen or straight to blue screen more often when we have the inventory open.
We both send reports everytime we bluescreen


Yes that’s exactly what I’ve been getting that I didn’t before. Blue screens are just totally random and very infrequent just as they were when we first got the game. The new crashing is usually to a reloggin screen and very frequent. That however is from this most recent patch.


It’s happened while I’m doing nothing in particular. Last timed it happened I was mining. The time before that was just while I was roaming looking for a place to mine. It also happened in the middle of a hunt. It seems completely random with no actual pattern which I’ve noticed.


this is quite literally what the crashes look like. They send me to a relogin screen where I get this. Before last patch I did not get continuous crashing into this relogin screen. My friends in PS4 are experiencing the same kind of crashes, which are very different than a blue screen crash which happen rarely and on most games.


Did you have the option to send details of the crash to Sony?


It only gives me the option to send a crash notice to Sony after a total blue screen. Those are rare but I have sent them when i’ve bluescreened. These crashes are different and i’ve never experienced them in any game. It’s like an in app crash that keeps the game up but sends you back to the relogin screen like the first time you open the app on the PS4. The picture I posted is what you get right after that login screen.

Consistent Crashing Since Update

I have been having crashes exactly as everyone else describes and have submitted crash logs every time. The game is pretty unplayable and it really messes up mining - returning you to the surface, kills you when hunting etc. I also wrote a post about how all of my refined oort shards vanished when I made a portal and no one ever got back to me about how to recover them. After paying $65 for the game + digital content, it doesn’t feel very finished…


I just spent hours mining in Serpensarindi and found my first diamonds. I was at the lowest altitude and crashed. I ended up logging back in to find myself on top of a mountain…

I cannot express how frustrating and unplayable this game is. This issue has been known for over a month and there still is not a fix.


Forcing us back up to the surface makes this game unplayable paired with this bug. It would be frustrating to crash so frequently. But to be teleported to the top of a mountain after being at the mantle makes it impossible to play. Once I get to the surface, there are monsters waiting to slaughter my miner who was safely underground prior…

11/3/18 - 4:07 PM EST

I am on PC and have been submitting crash reports since I purchased the game about a month ago. I also lost all of my Oort shards when I opened my first portal. Everything I worked for - about 100 hours of gameplay was leading up to opening my first portal and then I lost everything I had spent my entire coin on. As fun as this game is, when things like losing all of my Oort shards when opening a portal or crashing and being teleported to the top of a mountain from the mantle level, it sucks all the fun out of it. I’ve played about 150 hours and keep experiencing the same issues.

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Please keep submitting the crash reports. These are very useful for us to prioritise and investigate issues.

The next version on Testing includes quite a few bug fixes specifically on PS4. This will deployed to live early next week assuming nothing significant is discovered over the weekend.

We’re working hard to improve the performance and stability. Everyday the team is making improvements and we’re getting them published as quickly as possible.


Only thing ive noticed as of late is Xa Frant close to aqua portal hub it tends to rubber band a bit then crash. Its not very often at all like every few hours or so.


I rubberband and get unplayable errors all the time. Especially when trying to go through portals. This just happened to me in Finata (Home of Light). As soon as I logged back in I continued rubberbanding and getting unplayable messages. I can log into any other MMO or stream videos, etc without issues. So, I believe this is server-related. I also have the latest NVIDIA GRX 970 drivers (101/10/2018) Driver Version So it’s not an issue with outdated graphics drivers. It would be really nice to figure out this crashing issue. Other bugs like all of my Oort shards poofing when making a portal are incredibly frustrating, but don’t make the game unplayable. When this happens and I’m mining, it kills gameplay. Thanks.


I also want to note that I have never posted in a game forum and have been an avid MMO gamer since original Everquest in 1999. I like this game THAT much that I truly want to see it succeed.


PS4 crashed every day 5-10x error CE-xxxxxxxx last 3 weeks i spend hour every day to send reports to sony and ??? same as terrible FPS lags spikes after go through portals and??? detail see range on ps4 max 20m maybe, creatures spawn around you from Other dimenses or so same as resource,


Was really hoping the new patch would fix that really annoying in game crashing that’s been going on since last patch on PS4. I’m sad to say it didn’t. Still experiencing the same type of crashing as before.


I’m still experiencing crashing as well. Game freezes up and causes my main monitor to say “no signal.” I have to unplug it and plug it back in to get it working again. I’ve never experienced anything like this in any other game/application and have the most updated graphics drivers. I have no idea what is going on. I experience the terrible lag spikes when going near/through portals as well. My last crash today was near my home base on Alder while creeping to get the creeping feat. There seems to be no pattern to when/why the crashes happen. I have a gaming computer that is overkill for this game.


Any updates on this? Just crashed again while mining and am going to be teleported back to the top of a mountain. Very frustrating.


Happened to me a few times during the hunt yesterday. Twice I was unable to get the loot from the meteor since it happened right before it was completed.