Random Warp

Just a small thing, we know that we will have warps that can either

a) warp to a location token
b) warp to a player token
c) warp to a random higher tier world that you have unlocked.
d) warp to a random world on your tier
e) warp to a random world on a lower tier

What about allowing a warp that only cost a minimal amount of oort stones, so say a warp to a player costs 10 then this warp would cost 1, and you would open a warp to a totally random place it would only open at the ground, but other than that, a completely random place on the world you are in, i think it would be awesome to have the option, so say me and a few friends want to colonize but we dont know where, we then throw a random warp and then all go through it, so even on the same world you can always teleport to a completely random area and always have new things to explore :smiley:

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*c) warp to a random world within the same tier that you’re on
*d) warp to a random world on a lower tier to the one you’re on

would that mean if i am on a tier 4 world that i will end on either tier 1.2 or 3 world or am i going to pick ‘‘random tier 1 world’’ ‘‘random tier 2 world’’ etc?

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