Rare Exo Flower Colors - Fronds Superstore (K’un Lun)

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Ki’Rin Co. is proud to bring you “Fronds Super Store”! Now open for business!

Located on Alder in the town of K’un Lun, Fronds SuperStore brings you foliage and plants from all permanent planets as well as exoplanet colors going back to September 2019!

Organized by color group, Fronds has thousands of foliage, plants, grass, and flowers available in many colors at affordable prices!

Easy access from Dk’s Mall near row B under the lilac tree.
Portals to K’un Lun also at TNT, Fireborn, PS Alder, Code Gleam, Sasquatchville, and Farm School.

Check us out today - and get your Fronds on!


Gleam Universe but with plants O.O


That’s the idea! Lol


Hey u at houchus? I have that seed for u.

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I been on small break me be on in little to check out fronds place

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Update: Added plants and foliage from current T6 Exo - Norali.

Over 100 Vivid Orange Glowcap Fungus and Rose Trumpet Root now in stock! As well as a sizable stock of the Rosetta Nox, aloba, tinted burst and clustered tongue fungus.

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Added Anx Minntorii Exo plants, over 150 night azure funnel fungus and deep slate glow Caps!

Added Galan foliage and plant colors. +100 vivid yellow glow caps, orange aloba, and tan trumpet root!

awesome shop. Cleaned you out of a few things :smiley:
Had a large budget (not my own) to spend \o/


Oh nice! I’m away for work but will take a look later this week when I’m back.

If you’re looking for a color from a permanent planet I’m happy to go collecting for you anytime!


Updated with Vykos plants (T6 Burn Exo)
Get your vivid cherry glow caps and vivid red travelers perch!

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Updated with recent T4 Perseph, and also the new T7 Blink Sara II.

Restocked 2.9.2020

T7 Balonychus plants added. Hundreds of silk teal funnel fungus and vivid Slate oortian staff, as well as foliage, spinebacks, and cobalt travelers perch!

Just a reminder - Hundreds of flowers in stock at Fronds Superstore including many many rare colors from exoplanets going back to September 2019!

Pick up some flowers today - and get every color of Lovcestruck Oorty dolls!

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Thanks, great work and love your shop, been buying some for my Oortys here! :grin:

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Thanks @bucfanpaka! Glad you like the selection. Still working on the roof/second floor. But making some good progress.

That said, there’s still a pretty good variety of flowers and plants!

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