Rare Gleam Meteor Quantity

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I’m just curious, what quantity of rare gleams are you guys getting from each gleam meteor? I just pulled 24 shadow cerulean and 23 black gleam off of a single meteor. Plus some reds, which also seem to be in high demand. From the way everyone speaks of these colors and the prices set, I am assuming I just hit a jackpot as the shadow cerulean and black alone are worth nearly 300k coins at current prices. Or is it normal to get this amount of rare gleam from a meteor?

Just for context, up until now I’ve been soloing level 1s and 2s, but just decided to try out the Circa 24/7 hunt to see what it was all about. These are my first massive gleambow meteors lol.

EDIT: This was also only a level 3 meteor. Not sure how much I would have gotten if it was a level 5 or 6.

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Congrats! I def think people are getting a lot more gleam this time & more of the most-sought after colors.

Someone told me they got several black & lumi yellow off of one meteor…I was like :open_mouth: lol

This is what people have been asking for :blush:


Gotcha! I’m not sure if I should sell now at the current prices or if I should wait until after the event to see if prices rise again. I think at one point a few months ago I saw black gleam going for 10k a piece. But if we are getting a larger supply of the rarer colors this event, perhaps the prices will not inflate as much afterwards.

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Looks like it will take much longer for the gleam from this event to dwindle down, but some colors will still be in higher demand than others. Time will tell. :wink:

I mentioned this elsewhere, but black is one of the best colors for glass and panes - that’s why it’s always in demand.

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Last, GB event I got like 12 gleam blocks, this time I got like 50+ blocks


Ye ive been pulling a lot colours like shadows and strongs . Also luminous ones… i think pure colours i have just few.
This system i think its better than it was in last event.


Tier 6 gleam meteor I solo harvested had a minimum of 80 per colour (18 colours), totaled to over 1500 gleam on one meteor. A lot of these have been looted, guessing prices of gleambow gleam will drop significantly for most colours.


Yeah I’m starting to answer my own question the more I harvest these level 5+6 meteors. I got over 60 black gleam off of one, and most baskets are selling out now. I’m glad I sold when I did. First time over 2M coins!!