RARE INC NOW OPEN Selling rare gleambow gleam BIG PRICE DROP

Most colors $800-$1200
Premium $1500-$4500 Those are mostly the shadow cerulean and luminus yellow colors.
Few hundred of each color in stock
Portals at the TNT HUB and SHOWROOM


Do you have in stock some gleambow rocks?

Portal at ShowRoom USE, pretty nice shop by the way, I’d buy it all if I have more money xD

not at the moment but im working on the upstairs area next week. Ill put a section of rocks up there for you . ill price that stuff low so you can get what ever you want

Thanks. Thinking of doing a round of price cuts and making it more affordable.

Contact me when you will open that area :slight_smile:

Price drop on all rare gleam.
Most colors $1200-$1500.
Premium $2500-$6500.

Pretty sweet store. Prices are a bit steep for me. But you have a good selection of colours. I’ll be back for a few pieces when I get some more coin. :+1::+1:

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Haha dang nice quantities I did see you a lot at our platform! <3

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lol yeah it was a grind
wish I would have used the reclaim to sort it out but no i had to do it the hard way hahhaha

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You should sell some food that allows you to cross the portal into your store. I forgot I bounced last time I saw this and didn’t get to properly check out your shop with my short attention span. :confused:

Dropping prices all across the board for the last time

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All premium gleam $2,500 or under
Added natural blocks upstairs. Growth , mud, sponge and ash for 200c

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Kristjan are u still in business?

hey yes i keep my portals open. i can meet up with you if you need some glass just let me know what color

deep blu glass or gleam - i can trade u any other gleambow color if u want

hey i can hop on now. ill be at rare

going to check the shop now

help! your portal at TNT is closed, i need some of your special gleam :smiley:

portals back open

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