Raxxa Empire prey party in 18 weeks


Raxxa Empire prey party in 18 weeks.

In 18 weeks from now on almost everything can be captured in the city of Raxxa Empire. I have problems with my acc and can not fill the beacons anymore.

Have fun and have a good time everyone.


If you want to give one of my characters access to the beacons I will gladly toss in some fuel for ya.


I will Refill your beacons if you stay playing.


Have you reached out to @james in a PM to try to fix your issues or opened a support post to @vdragon ?


That would be one for @james.


I love that all the replies are of people trying to help rather than just accepting free stuff!
:heart: love this community


You Have a Beatiful City maybe @james can do something too help you out