RAXXIAN SANCTUARY I Hidden Gems Series [EP 25]I Boundless #wonderstruck

Host and friends…I absolutely loved your city!


thank you!, the Raxxian Sanctuary is created by the awesome @Goblinounours and Malentir
I just took over last year in may to maintain it and save it from going into ash particles
i have been helping out by improving and making the place where it is now currently
there’s only improvement throughout the boundless times, the Raxxian Sanctuary will probably be the last to turn to ash when the game closes its servers, meanwhile, we BUILD THE FUTURE

thank you for the awesome video and your visit :heart:


Me watching this video:

@PixelatedTwix LOVED watching you discover places, like when you jumped in the Southern gardens trying to go to the boats, I was giggling

Although he no longer builds within the city, @Malentir deserves a lot of the credit. He’s the architect behind the Cathedral, the Eastern Gardens, the Boats, the big Northern foundry, the Thermal baths, the Planetarium, the Theater, the Razzathian Manor… I mean… I’m basically the supervisor who came up with the rule-set, like the glue connecting Mal’s work with my smaller, less-impressive pieces, but numerous enough that it makes for a cohesive whole.

And the big tower is gonna be my attempt at making the coolest build of the city. :stuck_out_tongue:
Not nearly as cool as your video, once a week, I try to livestream my progress on the tower in here.


Oh! Well, then I give you credit for saving the city! It was well worth the plots and then some! And you’re very welcome!


You all did an amazing job! It came together seamlessly - as if one person did the building! Can’t wait to see your progress!


Yeah, Host not only saved the build, he took it upon himself to invest into making it the capital of Raxxa, which is something Malentir and I always wanted to achieve, but didn’t had the networking/ressources/coins/oortshards to get there.
He could’ve easily said “it’s no longer your build, I’m taking all of your stuff, I’m going to replace some parts into something else”, but after some time away, he allowed me to come back to build again, and together, we made a pretty cool portal hub, and we have lots of plans going forward.

Thank you. Lots more to see, too! If you come around on Sunday (during the afternoon on GMT+2), you’ll usually find me working on the big tower near the portal hub. I’ll gladly show you the Planetarium and the Foundry. You should also visit the Arajiel III - Thoralem portal (close to the TNT portal), Malentir’s city on my creative world.


Ffs that gif haha.
Ive always been fan of gardens so nice To see what you come up with :).


I loved the part when you entered my Portal :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: yeah there’s nothingness since months :sweat_smile: whenever I have time to log in, I currently always work to farm materials to be able to build there something nice - hopefully soon :tm:.


Pretty much how the Raxxian Sanctuary feels:

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Btw Thx @Goblinounours i got some insp To play again… Garden :slight_smile:

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I wish more people would come back.


Thanks you for the public for our work !
Hope you enjoy your visit and come back to discover all his secrets :wink: