Ready to warp, but my totem doesn't work

Hello everyone! So, I am in testing server patch #149, and i have created everything necessary to warp to another planet - warp conduits, and totem ammunition. When i charge my totem, point at a planet, and shoot, my ammunition comes back to me, and no saved location appears on the other planet. What is happening??

two things,

a) you need to drag the ‘location picker upgrade’ to the totem and it will show a little number one in a circle showing you have one charge on it.

b) you need to leave the testing server, opt out of the beta via steam, and play on the live version. Sorry but theyve pretty much dropped the need for us to use the testing server. As such the planets probably arent anything but decoration in the sky for you.

To make sure youre not in the beta, right click boundless in your steam library, then go to properties, beta tab, pick none in the drop down box. then restart your steam client and youre good to go.

i figure you had a)* correct since you said ‘charge my totem’ so hopefully b helps~


Yeah, b) was the problem. Thank you so much! :smiley:


np! glad i was able to help