Real life physics, and the lack thereof

so trees are preefabs right. i think if part of a preefabs is in your beacon then when you remove it (both the parts that are inside and outside of your beacon) then it should not regenerate Intel the beacon is removed.
that would fix the problem of floating tree tops and waste a lot fewer plots on empty space.


I don’t think it’s fair to dismiss questions and suggestions simply because the game is in a developing state. As it happens, this particular topic has been mentioned a few times throughout the years of the game’s development, and concise answers have been given by the developers behind the game mechanics involved. In this case, the plots and world regen complicate the desired suggestion. It’s not as trivial as you might imagine to design some of these things, and often involves a lot of effort for a rather trivial function.

In other words, there are a lot more impactful features that could be developed with the same time and effort required for such a trivial feature.


Just to make sure my brain is working on the same level here. As long as the claim is reserved and is touching something IE Roofing or ground then it stays but if its floating it dies?

once any part of a preefab is plotted then if the part that is outside of your beacon is mined/destroyed it would not respawn.

as long as your there within 13 hours it won’t respawn

Yes–but if it turns out Boundless is space opera we’re going to need a rather…um, robustly-proportioned singer sporting a space helmet with wings attached. Our job is then to prevent any singing.