Real life physics, and the lack thereof

Is there a specific reason as to why gravel and sand doesn’t obey the laws of physics in this game? And how about the trees staying in midair when they should’ve fallen over after chopping through it’s stem? Why doesn’t food decompose after a while? And foliage/leaves/flowers? And why doesn’t nature behave like it would in real life, with grass expanding where the dirt is habitable? And why the hell isn’t it possible to craft buckets for carrying water and other fluids?

…and yes. These are all suggestions, disguised as hypothetic questions… :wink:


I’m really happy that none of the voxels obey gravity. I build a lot of gravity defying structures that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise. The tree chopping has been suggested before and is a nice idea for simplifying the process. Someday we may get water buckets, they have existed, but they are easy to use against other players, but someday… I don’t know about the other stuff.


Refining sand- or gravel-blocks, and BOOM: gravity-defying blocks, at your disposal. Problem solved! :sunglasses:

– drops mic –

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Sounds like you are trying to put earth-like physics on an alien world with its own rules.


Hahah fair point… :joy:

Still though: if the physics and gravity of said alien planet doesn’t affect the blocks, then surely that would mean that everything else that’s not attached to anything, biological and whatnot; would be floating and weightless…? :thinking:

Unless the atmosphere were more like gelatin, in which case it’s stays more or less in place … minus the wobble :crazy_face:


Minecraft rules need not apply to boundless.


I guess not. Although I must say, non-decomposing foliage and grass not spreading is really going on my nerves… :joy:

Could at least make it so that 1 dirt-block offers 5 or more grass-seeds when it’s grass is harvested… :thinking:


I think we can come up with other ways to accomplish these goals. Bombs could deal with both destroying leaves and spreading grass. Destro-bombs that deal damage to large swaths of terrain can destroy leaf blocks outright, dropping their loot and quickly de-foliate trees. Heal-bombs could cause a surge of life across barren soil, spreading grass and flowers in their wake. Regeneration bombs cause world regen in their area of effect, restoring terrain to its natural state.


Pleas no, i already have shop stands… (notice the “s”… more than one XD) full of seed from farming soils for fuel and brick. I get seed way faster than it sells already ><

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Any rules that remove blocks or add grass would need to make sense alongside the regen system which is also removing and adding materials.


Fixed that for you. :rofl:


Ha ha, oooh so funny! If I wanted to play Minecraft, then I’d just play Minecraft smartypants! :joy:

Once you go Boundless, you’ll never settle for less! :sunglasses:


Le sigh.

Is this science fiction or space opera?

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Really it’s neither, but all jokes aside, the straight forward answer is that world regen takes care of the issues of leaf decay and grass seeding in a different way than other games, minecraft included. World regen is also the reason sand and gravel do not have the properties that their equivalents in MC have. These solutions break down inside of plots, who’s purpose is to halt the regen function inside their bounds. So, really the question is- how to handle these cases both within and outside of plots.

We have all seen the floating canopies of trees above plots where the trunks are inside of a plot and have been cut down, but the tops regen outside of the plot. The existing solution is to extend your plot to include the tree top, or build around the base of the tree so that the tree appears natural.

As for grass seeding, again, outside of plots is covered by world regen. Only regions inside plots need to be seeded manually. For some, this is a tedious process of breaking hundreds of grass blocks for a few dozen seeds. For others, grass seeds by the hundreds clog up their storage and sit for days on sales plinths. This seems to be a balance issue that may take some outside-the-box thinking to solve. Perhaps seeds need additional uses? A “seed sink” to help remove excess from the supply? Maybe as an ingredient in regen brews or to impart color to cloth like ink?

So really, the case here is not if we should apply real world physics or minecraft physics, but acknowledge that it is neither and operates on its own set of rules.


I get that it would be difficult to implement due to world regeneration, but what if the rules for foliage at least, were different within plots? Like, if they aren’t mined, when the stem is removed from within a plot, they would vanish within a given time. :thinking:

And yeah, there’s definitely balancing of sorts needed for seeds. Like in my instance where I’m settled in a winter-biome, the access to grass is a bit limited, and even if I could travel elsewhere, harvesting grass feels a bit tedious. If however we were introduced to another tool, such as like a hoe for just harvesting grass instead of mining the entire block in the process, things wouldn’t have been as dreary…

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Solid feedback. On the case of leaf decay inside plots, it would be a non-trivial rewriting of plot functionality to decay leaves inside of plots. The whole purpose of plots is to prevent decay (which in this case is the oposite of world regen) and preserve the state of things inside their bounds. Also, now you need to write special code to detect when and where leaf blocks decay. What about leaf blocks placed by the player? Same for trunk blocks placed by the player? I don’t want my “bushes” to decay because I upgraded my log cabin to stone. Introducing decay mechanics inside plots may lead to all manner of unforseen complications.

I feel the simplest solution is to allow a way for a player to quickly remove large swaths of leaves manually, such as bombs, or a scything tool which cuts vegetation in a wide area with a single strike. Do diamond axes share diamond hammers scything property? Perhaps that property needs to be applied to a more accessible tool.


2 words :slight_smile:
PRE - ALPHA :wink:

But yest sand and gravel should fall agreed, Trees no that would be to op and make tree economy useless which is how i make money :slight_smile: Folliage should despawn after trunks are gone even if its slowly like minecraft. food decomposition I do believe will be added in but not at this time. Buckets for water and lava have been talked about and I do believe will be in a future updated.
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Patience :wink:


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Without them, they wouldn’t have the necessary feedback for –

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lol but yeah, we all know it’s early still… :wink:


Awesome now you get the game

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Mazeltov :slight_smile:

I just like being to the point. :slight_smile:

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