Real time co-op or bust (Yeah, we've got that!)

I’ve heard that their wont be real time co-op. Gotta say that’s utterly sussapointing almost a deal breaker for me and a lot of others. There will be cooperation but more of a tomorrow children sense.

I think this should be rethought. It doesn’t have to be a lot just like minecraft 1-4 players. Heck even 2 at max would be better.

It’s awesome that they are intergrsting the community in general through some type of co-op but nothing beats olsying with your friends real time split screen or online.

Cool game, cool concept. Add some real time co op please

Boundless is a persistent online game - hundreds of players per world, and you can seamlessly move between them all - you can play with all your friends!


Oh really?. I could of swore I heard its single player but with other players invisible helping with projects and etc

Are you sure you’re on the right forum? Boundless is a sandbox MMO and that’s it’s main sellingpoint.


You must have the wrong game… This game is build around co-op from the ground up. All players will be in the same persistent online universe, potentially thousands at once.


HAHAHA! He is thinking of No Man’s Sky I believe.


ROFL Boundless is totally opposite from NMS, this is 100% Sandbox MMO XD Players do everything in this, even owning a shop in future in fact you already can be shop owner since trading is out :slight_smile:

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it says open world, massive online multiplayer game in the steam description when you buy it. you sure you are on the right forums?

Okay good to hear. No in not thinking of no mans sky. I’ll try the find the article I saw maybe I misread.

In that case good to hear. Can’t wait for ps4 release my computer is fried.


Ah well it can happen to the best, though as it never was anything we heard about you must understand that people where rather perplexed :smile:

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What you mean with fried, like hardware got rekt ?

Gf dropped my gaming laptop in a bathtub I don’t even know how this happens


Mine threatens to do that all the time if I am on my computer or console for too long. Guess I better listen or she’ll throw mine in the tub too. :scream: