Reapers Ninja Warrior Championship


Reapers Ninja Warrior Championship coming soon!

About half way done. First guild build.
We will be hosting an event once it’s complete with coin prizes.
Possibly forged gear as well.
Bet on who you think will win.

I’ve heard a lot about who’s the fastest. Who’s the best. Blah blah blah. Time to put your money where your mouth is. Lol.
Do you have the skills?


Am I on the list?


Of coarse. Anyone can join in the fun.


sign me up!


Oh. You’re in. Lol.


Sign me up too, I live for this stuff! :fist:


Right on. There’s no signing up really. Just be available when the event happens. If not, scrounge up some friends and compete against each other. Make small wagers to make it interesting. :beers:


Some progress. Hopefully it will be done in a few days. Sooo much glass!!!



I happened to encounter this last night. It’s truly incredibly. Just wanted to say job well done, and looking forward to giving it a go.


Nice. Hopefully we will have in it completed today or tomorrow. I suggest you go through it a couple times for practice so you know what you’re dealing with. Rules will be. Entry fee of 5000 coin. Iron grapples only. Which are going to be available at the starting line and then will be deposited at the finish line to be reused. First 2 in every heat move on to the next round. Rewards go to the top 3. I’m sure the rules may be tweaked a bit. But that’s what we have for now.


Well. If you build it they will come. So come run through the track and get some practice. On lutrion access through hubbit and ps hub right now. Still building the surrounding area. If anyone wants a portal there for ease let me know and i’ll Throw one up. Get some friends together and check it out.


Just ran through this course and it’s a pretty fun race! Can’t wait until the official tourney!


1 Minute 16 Seconds! Awesome course :fist:


@CorVeritas thanks for checking it out. Maybe we’ll do something this weekend if we can. Wow @Ovis that’s sounds like a decent time.

We got a contender here!


That sounds like quite an impressive time!

Time to find out who are the fastest .


Cheers! I did have a good few goes on it, even trying it in reverse (possible second competition). I’ve figured out what skills and what grapple is the best, but I’ll keep that info on the DL for now :wink:


I like the backwards idea. Maybe for the championship runs. :beers:cheers indeed. Btw your build is looking good. Been checking it out in your vids and in person. Looking great. I have a few cool build if you wanna check them out. If you’re looking for a guild I’ve got the coolest one in the game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol. :beers::v:Jk there’s a bunch of awesome ones. But mine isn’t as easy to join. Check it out in gyosha ophin. Reapers Respite.


Ah thanks George! Appreciate that :fist: Coolest one in the game haha, until I make mine :smirk: You can be apart of 10 guilds, right? Haven’t really looked into the guild system yet - sounds great tho!

I’ve heard of Reapers Respite, heard good words - I will check it out tonight probably, feel like travelling around for some build inspiration :fist:


how do we get there???