Got featured on Javita’s YouTube channel. Thought it was pretty cool. Thanks. :grin::beers: keep in mind it’s a work in progress.


I have always liked that place. I just like the art side of this game more then most the rest. :slight_smile:


I agree. I played minecraft before this where I built a giant flat world but no one ever saw it. Let me know when you you get further on your build and I’ll come check it out again. Maybe we can have a portal to each other too.


Thatll work, Its on Till. I will have walls finished today. and try to get more lava moved from the basement lol.
Ill have a Hub with a wall dedicated to art builds


Was just there yesterday. Amazing place.


I stumbled across this when i first started playing and was in complete awe!

I love this build! great job


that you were. Saw your portals open.
Let me know if you want to link to there.


Thanks. Thinking of added a few things. And still have to finish the tower and west bridge.


Nice work georgerogeorgeorgeorge



Horrible place.
Died like 100 times there.


Lol. Thanks. :beers:


I think you’re exaturating a bit. Lol. Plus I’m pretty sure I revived you. Lol

Added some prison cells along the west entrance. And got the store going there. Check out the progress.