Recipe List Improvements

Here’s a couple of QoL suggestions for the machine recipes:

Folding sections

As well as the filters can we have “folding” recipe sections?

  • The fold title should show the number of items in that section (applying the current filter, if necessary)
  • There should be a “(un)fold all” toggle button
  • It should remember the character’s fold choices - preferably between sessions
  • Maybe the ability to “pin” some so they never fold?

Remember Single/Bulk/Mass

Please can your choice of Single/Bulk/Mass stick?
By character; by recipe; across sessions

… or …

Default to you highest not your lowest! Mass > Bulk > Single

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A while back one of the devs said they were working on a QoL update for the crafting list. Not sure what it includes exactly but possibly some of the things you suggested will hopefully be there

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