Reclaim Gone? Questions-COMPLETE

Hey guys, quick question about reclaiming a beacon.

About a week ago I reclaimed my old hub on Gyosha Ophin. This reclaim contained about 500k items. I did not have storage for it all at the time. I have now put storage up and went to collect my reclaims, but I have no active reclaims now. Is there a time limit on these? I’m on Home Beacon, checked my alts in case it was on a different character. Tried a different Home Beacon, nothing. Did I just lose all my items?

hello :slight_smile: not at all!

did you set the beacon as master beacon?
also just in case i would check the alts and second time.
unless you deleted the entire reclaim. but i doubt that’s the case

The only things that comes to my mind (that I experienced when in this kind of situation) is that:

  1. You have another reclaim open with items not cleared.
  2. You opened that missing reclaim (just out of curiosity, to take a look at items and such) in another beacon - in that case it won’t show on different beacons of the same character and you have to clear it from the beacon through which it was activated.
  3. You have accidently deleted it. If you see previously removed beacon on the list of your beacons and chose to remove it from the list, you are asked to confirm that choice if there are any items still not reclaimed in it (these beacons have the bag icon apart from “x” icon for removal).

Yeah I tried multiple Master Beacons, and home beacon on main and alts, still nothing :frowning:

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So I did open the reclaim. Didn’t know it was then beacon specific. No clue which beacon I opened it at so I guess I have some running to do :slight_smile: Will update. Thanks


Found it! #2 was it. Found the beacon with the bag. Thank much!


been there, done that

glad you found it :sunglasses:

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