Reclaim not working

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Trying to reclaim a beacon on sochatlin but will not work @james

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If you looked at/opened another reclaim & didn’t get all of the items out, you’ll need to finish emptying it before you can access any other reclaims.


Maybe this can help you…

I play on ps4, and if I reclaim a beacon, I have to put the name of the beacon in a field and the numbers of plots.
But sometimes it put a empty space behind my beacon name, so you can’t reclaim…

Remove that empty space, behind your beacon name…(in reclaim menu, beacon name)

If that not gonna help, iam sorry, need more infos :slight_smile:


If you are trying to send items to Reclaim, its Options: Reclaim Beacon. THEN you use the Reclaim function to retrieve those items.

I’ve tried everything. I’ve been able to reclaim in the past but for some reason it won’t work.

Please list the steps that you are taking.

Is there a message like “a reclaim is already open…” or anything like that? Are you using the right character? The right beacon? Was the reclaim from a beacon on a Sovereign world?

AFAIR you can also only reclaim from master beacons.

screenshots and/or video could help show too.

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Welcome to the glitched reclaim family. I have 4-5 weeks left on all my beacons waiting for it to run out to see if my reclaim will be fixed from it since I haven’t heard back from devs. If it doesn’t fix it I’ll just never be able to access my items. For me hopefully once Bob’s Farms and the Dome on gyosha reclaims it’ll fix it’s self.

Best of luck.


Best of luck to you too! :+1: