Reclaim search color

Okay after spending days upon days sorting everything I reclaimed and putting into color coordinated storage, it would be nice if I could type turquoise for instance and all turquoise items would come next in line for reclaim. Versus having to run back and forth for what seemed forever placing each item individually.

You ‘can’ type colour names into the search box on reclaims?


I do it constantly when looking for specific items or when i know the color of it but can’t remember the name of the block in the moment i just type in the color.

There is a search box in the reclaim ?
Never noticed , need to check that out later Today :laughing:

it would save me so much time running around to fill my color storage :grin:


being able to search by colour is my fav reclaim feature…makes for a very versatile sorting feature.
have a 4 plot dumping ground for new mats and can reclaim 1 or all of these plots and easily despot the new mats in the correct colour storage area.


You can type every color but red. For some reason red brings up every other color as well. Maybe because it’s only 3 letters?

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Thanks for the tip then I will keep that one for last :laughing:

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Does it make a difference if you put a space before the word red? i.e. " red"

Haven’t tried that. I’ll try it next time I need to separate colors to see if it works unless someone beats me to it

makes no difference just tried it and did not work …

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Ah, that’s a shame. I was hoping it would take the space as an extra preceding character :frowning:

I would imagine because the word red is part of other words in the game. Whereas names such as yellow is more unique.