Reclaim system

I meet a new player a few days ago and give him some stuff.
Now I see that his beacon doesn’t exist anymore, I guess his beacon fuel went empty.

In this case, I thought the reclaim system will reclaim everything automatic.
But I can raid his old base and watch it disappear…


He’s loosing everything…

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If you can access it, it means that they deleted their beacon. If someone doesn’t read the prompt, it is possible they deleted it when they meant to reclaim it.

Edit: They could have also deleted their character.


If a player deletes their character or deletes their beacon… it leaves everything vulnerable for others to claim/get things.

If a beacon runs out of fuel 2 things happen. I will explain how it works with Gleam Club members [Which it sounds like this player was not one]
If a user has Gleam Club for any tier/time… and their gleam club runs out… The beacon will not die immediately after that time runs out. A secondary timer begins. Usually with the fuel-type you filled it with before you got Gleam Club. I have seen some with 4+ weeks on them. But once that runs out, it will begin the reclaim process back to the player.

If a non-gleam club member’s beacon is smoking, once the timer is up and there is no more fuel, the beacon will start to reclaim plot-by-plot. Leaving behind the ash remains of the structure where blocks were.

If you have access to either beacon or can SEE the remaining time on the beacon, you can stop the reclaim process [whether it is YOUR beacon, or someone elses who trusted you] by adding fuel to the beacon. The reclaim will immediately stop, but what has reclaimed already will still be ash. And will need to be reclaimed.

Unsure if it will only refuel for 1-plot where the beacon sits, OR if you have to reclaim the whole thing… But either way. If it is not either of these things, and you can see the things free to the world, then like @Peyago stated, either the character was deleted, OR they deleted the beacon.