Reclaiming is all fun and games until

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… you get to this phase of the reclaim.

Also, I am back (at least temporarily) since it seems stuff over here is starting to heat up with the Monumental news!

If anyone is bored, please do the maths how many blocks there are… :thinking:


number at end should be total

I think I had over 17 million items from my exodus from biitula…that took a while.


Oh I thought that was how much prestige it was worth. Then it was just shy of 10m blocks! 17m blocks is just next level!


Sometimes I just want to reclaim to see how many blocks I have. I have a ton in reclaim already something over 20mil IIRC and all my builds.


i reclaimed a spot ealier that had a few million items in it :man_facepalming:
Gonna take a long while to sort that out lol I feel your pain :+1:


I’m doing one right now with just like 20k in it. The problem is it is all different colors through most blocks, so it takes forever to put them all away. Even this is a pain. Millions, for me, would sit for a very long time. :exploding_head:


Yeah, I only managed to take stuff I will be using in the near future. The rest will just sit there for a looooong time.

The reclaim system could use some improvements, running back and forth between then Beacon and storage is pretty tedious work. But at least the system works so that’s nice!


I solved that one by putting a beacon in each colour section then making that master and searching for that particular colour. Also worked well for drops, metals etc.
Beacons can be temporary ofc but kept mine as I have a couple of reclaims plots full of chests ready to take bits and bobs which I sort out once in a blue moon


This was the exact reason I made my color storage so large.


This is just a temporary storage area, there’s just so much stuff. And besides, I don’t even remember what is worth keeping since it’s been a good while since I played

My last reclaim was 1.5m. Most of it sat in reclaim for months before being put away.
I can’t imagine 10m or even 17m items. :scream: :sob:

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I am so glad I’m not the only one who does this with the moving of matter beacons.

It could be worse…You could have lost everything to the looters :slight_smile:

Yeah, for sure! I may have lost stuff, It’s a long time ago… :smiley:

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You have 6,996,438 blocks right there @QuimbyBoundless -chan Boop!


Thanks :rofl::heart:, I guess there was 3 million in other items :rofl:

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Was editing the video of my return and noticed that it literally says “Item Count: xx” and not prestige. I should try reading some times…


Do you have a chrysominter among all your reclaim stuff? That’d be the first thing to set up. It makes reclaiming the other stuff easier.

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That’s a great idea actually! I never used one of those before, need to look in to how it works and what’s needed. :thinking:

You fill it up and it gives you coins. If you add coils (up to 8) you’ll get even more.