Reclaims not working

Hi was wondering if anyone or any of the the Devs could help me please I can’t reclaim any of my beacons on boundless , the beacon I’m trying to reclaim is my shop on Tanya vll , please someone help don’t want lose my stuff

Are you trying to reclaim the beacon? Or get the stuff from the reclaim? If it is the latter you might have an open reclaim you didn’t finish collecting the stuff. You would have to find the beacon with the open reclaim in that case and finish removing the items before it will let you start another. If you are just trying to reclaim the beacon is it asking you to enter the beacon name and number of plots to reclaim?

I want to reclaim the whole beacon but when I put the name and number of plots in , it still greyed out

i would rename the beacon and try again maybe you typed something in you don’t see i have done that a few times

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