Recreating a Music Video Set - "Fake Love" by BTS

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Hello, all. When I first started playing Boundless, I was always envious of others’ big, impressive builds. Now, after having been working since May, I can finally say I’ve finished my first large-scale build of my own.

Inspired by the set of BTS’ “Fake Love” music video, I’ve done my best to recreate one of the sets where I can, and where I wasn’t able to (ex. rusted metal), I tried to give a similar feeling with lighting.

The majority of the build is glass, refined silver, marble, and gleam. The addition of the new glass panes while I was working on this was a dream come true.

If you want to see it yourself, it’s located in ADULT HQ, available via the TNT Alder Hub at Sasquatchville, PS Alder Hub, Iconic Hunt Hive on Biitula, and Tigg’s Tunnels Alder Node.


@MarinaraCane so beautiful!!! I love it!!!


Ah, BTS. That’s the guys who pop up every time I search Spotify for BT :weary:

Now I’ll have to give this video a look; nice work! :joy:

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I love it too, so gorgeous!! :slight_smile: Great work!!

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Congrats on finishing your build! It looks awesome :slight_smile: All those chisels did not die in vain.

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