Recruiting for the Boundless Museum & Boundless Info YouTube channel

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I have had this idea banging around in my head ever since I stated playing boundless. A true 1 stop shop for information on ALL of Boundless.

I am currently looking for partners willing to donate plots, time, materials, and knowledge to this endeavor.

Along with a giant build full of information I am starting a Boundless Info YouTube channel to accompany the build; providing a video format on all tasks shown in the museum.

I really really really want this to be a massive collaboration so if this sounds interesting too you please shoot me a message!!!

If there is someone in game you think would be interested but they stay off the forums please point them to my town New Oortian on Maryx and tell them to drop a line in my mailbox at the welcome center.
(Location through the Maryx TNT portal on the East side)