Red Roof Shops

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Our main shop @Ultima HQ (Finata) is buying:

raw emerald (buying 100 for 150c)
oort shards (buying 50 for 150c)
shimmering orbs (buying 50 for 47c)

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chrysominter: 64c

usual stock of tools, power coils and atlases

oort stone: 200c

NEW EXO WORLD ATLASES, Ropagitta, 800c

Red Roof Shop opened a post on Lasaina, in Pisa settlement (Aquarius and Hubbit networks have their hubs there).

It’s a really small shop designed to sell local gatherer’s goods: leafs, spicy beans and such.

spicy bean: 25c
inky leaves: 15c
fibrous leaves: 4c
petals: 5c
edible lamela: 1c
earthyam: 0.5c

You can spot it straight from Aquarius Hub:

And right from Hubbit Network gate:


Thanks for the fibrous leaves!

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I shall restock so. Brought a few hundred of each typical plant drops from my ventures yesterday.