Red Roof Shops

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Welcome to our franchise, the Red Roof Shops.

We aim to provide you with wide range of products, both for those who only start their life in Boundless universe and the ones who have been here for a while.
Our hope is that you will find our prices competitive and fair.

We are also looking to buy from you to help us provide high end products.

Check our shops to see what you can sell or buy.

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Our first shop opened in first week of the New Boundless Universe. Thanks to hospitality of @Hashmalash and his crew, we settled in Ultima HQ on Finata, right at the gates of the portal network.

Our consistent sale offer:

copper and iron tools
silver and gold tools
fully mapped atlases of worlds (up to level 5)
raw and refined gleam

Occasional sales:

titanium tools

Currently we buy:

gems (all kinds)

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Our second shop is located in Ashenvale, the capitol of Lutrion (west from the portal hubs in town center).

It’s WIP and there will be only few items on sale until it’s finished.

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After quiet period due to owners travelling, we are back and will restock within next couple of days (time permitting).

For now, our shop in Ultima HQ (Finata) is buying gems from you (all kinds apart from diamonds).

Also, selling Advanced Workbench Power Coils (21.700 c).

workbench/extractor power coils from 9.000c
iron/silver/gold tools
stones of various colors
gleam starting from 5c (refined) and 10c (raw)

all restocked

buying gems (190c)

NOW in our shop @ Finata (ULTIMA HQ):

advanced power coils starting @7k coins

tools up to gem standard (from 100 coins for copper and iron to 7.5k coins for gem)

Our shop @Finata (Ultima HQ) has just opened Second Hand section.
We sell tools and weapons of silver grade and above with prices scaled down proportionally to items’ wear.

Follow the signs on the floor…

…to find the stone door behind the stairs

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Red Roof Shop #209 :sunglasses:


Advanced Power Coils NOW 4.000 coins.

New lower prices for all types of tools.

Second Hand section with some gold tools available in basement.


Amethyst for 200c a piece.

Celebrating Season.
Red Roof Shops getting White Top and giving you special bargains. Check new low prices of Advanced Power Coils, Gold, Titanium and Gem Tools:sunglasses:
And Happy Christmas Everyone!!

Emerald & Amethyst - 200c (budget enough to buy 100)

Iron/Copper tools - 50c
Silver/Gold tools - 400c
Titanium tools - 900c
Gem tools - 3000c

buying forging ingredients (shimmering orbs, spitter eyes and such)

spitter and hopper eyes
bitter beans
and some more

How do you make boundless citizens giggle? Give them tentacles…

Better watch that basket, I’m sure it’ll get surged quickly!

Edit - in case its already happened, wasn’t me; I’m at work hehe

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have you got giggles already? :wink:

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NEW: BUYING 100 emeralds (250c)

spitter/hopper eyes
shimmering orbs
bitter beans

DUMP HOLE is buying what you always wanted to dump!

all soils

you will get 3c for each block!!

DUMP HOLE is located in RED ROOF SHOP @LUTRION (world’s capitol: Ashenvale)


STEP 1: Ultima HQ @Finata - this portal.

STEP 2: Ashenvale - West side of the city.

STEP 3: the actual spot - one side sloped red roof over a natural hole in the ground. Signed for convenience :wink:

Great idea :+1:

Just refilled baskets with coin.

Main shop (Finata) buying emerald again.
Also buying oortbird feathers.

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Won’t part with feathers though I forge myself to

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The Dump Hole accepting your sand, mud and clay (any color) as well as gravel (dark cerulean). We are paying 3c for each block you bring.

As a reminder: the Dump Hole is located in our shop on Lutrion (to be found in the West part of the capital, Lutrion).

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