Gem question

Ooops, too late already cleaned you out.

PM me if you get more money.

When i get more money i will let you know. Thanks for your business

NP, and thank you!

I’m buying gems. It was 500c a few weeks back. Went down to 400 now and may go even lower soon, but from what I see I stay on top of offered prices more or less.

Lol how many Emeralds you wana buy at 400? I have 40k raw emerald in stock, and 432 refined emeralds left.

I also, have 500 decro emeralds if that’s your thing.

oh my thats a lot - I drained my saving in last few weeks but usually get 20-40k in the basket every couple of days

I’d say if I wanted to buy like 1000 at once I would offer 200 per gem

Btw - you might like to stop mining gems at this stage until you either sell ehat you have or use it to craft weapons etc. and sell them then.

@WidowMaker what is your ingame name?

WidowMaker lol

lol it’s back stock, I used to sell thousands a day @500 soo I am stopping/mass converting into decro emerald blocks (for my house). I just mine, for the cubits at this point.

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Alright if i see you ill say hi

I would modify your gold/silver buying price. Gold is near useless and even though rarer should sell for the same price as silver. So, you’re gimping yourself buying at a higher price for gold.

Besides silver can be turned into gold, and vise versa.

Thankx will do. Appreciate it

np, lol im still wondering around. I figured when I leave I will be lost anyways.

Also, I would raise your price on the iron hammers. 100c (20c) increase is about market value, also with the new forge reworks coming into play… iron tools might be more viable then ever and raise in value.

Thats not a bad idea. I just dont want to be to high of price that no one will buy. People dont seem to buy much of anything anymore not sure why

Mostly because, you’re unaccessable. You need a portal at the main hubs. If it was not for my need, to get rid of some gems. I would have never known your shop existed. I suggest you link a main portal, to Ultima and PS… no offence to Aqua… but they are on their last leg.

I am not able to open portal if it wasent for my friend i wouldn’t have a portal to begin with

Just use two repec points, get the portal talent place the portals, then spec out. You can still feed/keep them active without the portal skill. (You just have to have it, to open them)

Let me correct myself i do have the skill to open but do not have the power to make portal blocks

Buy them when you can, will pay for themselves in footfall in a day or two… Only 400c ea, so 2x2 would just be 1.6k per portal.

Make sure you place a beacon by the portals, so even people who don’t buy will give you money from just coming to your shop.