Redoing Anterra [abandon ship]

As i am switching between projects i have started to redo Anterra.

So if someone wants to steel the road/tunnel design you should not wait to long.

[Edit] it all started out with changing things. Remember old Central…

Well TTC is moving and we are removing Anterra completely.

Shops will stay on antarVI until we build it again on our new location.

Terra Nova (lamblis)

So I urge you if you want some of these designs. To go and take notes because we are leaving AntarVI.

Old Central is completely gone. Most of the outer wals of the “Aqua plateau” are also removed.


Redoing it because sometimes “as a whole” is bugging me and I don’t know what. And of course other ideas.

No more redo’s just rip it out and move on😉

Are you leaving Antar VI?

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Are you Tomir?

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@scrufola yes i am leaving AntarVI :wink:
@Savior no i’m not Tomir. Haven’t seen him for a long while and his build disappeared.

Say what??? His build disappeared? Please tell me you got it. I had been watching it for a year. I stopped watching beacons a while back. I got most of his town before

Flan gone too?

Don’t know about flan but more than half of his build was gone when we saw it because i was of world anyway most of the time. Building Lamblis TNT. Wich is going to change now😉

Removed the rest what was left. He had 9mil i think and there was about 3-4 mill left of what we saw and plotted.

Could have saved it if he just aligned his beacon. So sadly its gone.

TNT AntarVI moved to capitol, Anterra central
Via hamburg, PS Lamblis city portal, Ult shopping, DK’S tree, TNT Lamblis and personal portals on antar ps,ult, tigs.

Old Central all most completely removed.

Old Central is completely. Strange to see it all regenerated. :wink:

Most of the outer wall from the Aqua Plateau are also gone.

Effectively giving @apt first and second place in the planetary list. If you haven’t seen his builds yet on antarVI I highly recommend to go and see it. He is also the New TNT AntarVI Host so its an easy portal jump away :wink:

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What a shame. I had taken almost everyone’s beacon around it. Lots of mats. Place was a ghost town. Remember the ghost ship floating? Got that too.

Wow completely gone except luckygirl chisel knights and K. Darn. His entire underground build? I last seen he came back a few months ago. Has anyone reached out to Tomir? Did he just move?

Oh I see. He has a “free stuff for friends“ beacon . Looks like this was intentional.

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I don’t know we still haven’t heard anything from him. And because I wanted something new we are removing everything i build to^^. Started building on lamblis now. A true challenge. :wink:

Try not to dive in to the lava :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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