Redoing the Key configurations every other patch


So the best thing about release will hopefully be that this ■■■■ stops!!!

Seriously one of my biggest turn off’s with Windows over the years beyond the needless feature creep is the fact they have to constantly put stuff in new places with every iteration of the software!!! WHY…

“With that being said why do you guys keep moving our keys around!!!” Today I was in the middle of doing one of the History video’s I have been doing… And I wanted to see what place La Mancha was on Vulpto so I pressed buttons to find the “World” and Locations tab… I pressed not 1 key or 2 keys or even 3 keys I pressed 8 different keys before I finally found it…

Why did I press 8 different keys, because I learned the game a particular way and that first key didnt work… But then you have been changing keys so often lattely that I knew it had to be one of this certain area of the keyboard to just press keys till it pops up…

Seriously changing key settings should be something that is avoided like the plague!!! Its incredibly annoying!!!

Rant over…


Well, I think it’s better than the old config. Things are easier to access and there is a key for the exchange and stowing items


I agree that once the game is out of early access key configuration changes should be kept to a minimum.

One thing we have to deal with as BETA testers is that our feedback results in real changes to the game…including HUD/Key updates to make the game better for that 1.0 release. (yay I am excited for it!)


well honestly most of the keys are pointless…
all the keys that get you the same place as the stuff on the TAB key gets you could just be freed up and not assigned to anything so there are spare keys so people can customize there own configuration the way they want…

Now that I know everything is on the TAB key I have no need to press L, O, H, J, I,U, etc like I use to do to get to different things…


You can definitely rebind everything, so this is a non issue.

I think that they are probably done rebinding now so it should be good

I understand the frustration though, I have hit a lot of wrong keys the past day lol


I never bothered changing key bindings. Never saw the point.


Its much more convenient to get there in one key press rather than hitting tab, which is quite uncomfortable for me to read at least, then moving the mouse to the correct item and clicking again. It is so much easier just to use the shortcuts, which have now been moved to better places
Surely if you are using the tab menu anyway you can’t pick an issue with the new key layout since you don’t use it?