People who lived in redwood i have bad news… as @catfud shared a screenshot it being regenned. I rushed there to save it.
Well i did little over 200 plots saved property of some people abd yes it was kinda cleared out… at least there wasnt much left on storageblocks.

If you lived there and wpuld like to get your house back im happy to give it to you. Im going to "re build"it to better glory. Now that we have water and such.
@Aftalyfe when you come back no worries the vilage is still there at least what as left of it.

You are free to join to this buugiless adventure.



Redwood was kind of dead lately anyways. I remembered my beacons were running low so thankfully james saved them as Im unable to play the game for a couple more days. I was planning to maybe relocate my place once Im back in the game anyways. But thanks for keeping an eye on builds, boundless needs more people like this :+1:

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Thanks very much for the effort though ImmaRock has deliberatly deleted our beacons as we are moving out of Redwood. If Afta wants to take over what’s left that’s fine by tImmaRock.

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Hi bougie! Im the origional owner - I actualy killed my beacons today as we’ve made a decision to relocate (Afta I tried to get a hold of you on discord >.< I didnt mean it to be a shock like this!)

Redwood had been losing many other beacons previously owned by Centaur- who helped me start Redwood when Arie first appeared. Its really only Afta, Dragon, Fragie, Tiki and I there now, as even Syms place regenned. All bar Afta are IRL friends, and wed been talking for a while - though as Redwood was my passion project it took a very long time to reach that choice, but as things stand we’ve been threatened to be absorbed by a couple of rogue players who did the same a while back to places like River ect, and we just want t be able to start again with the Farming update.

Seriously though, thank you so very much for what you did - please feel free to take whatever you want from what we left - I had meant to make a post on it for people to come and grab any mats they wanted, or else rebuild it as you would like - and if you do, please let me know! Redwood was my baby and I would love to see someone taking care of it <3


Ill see how it looks when Im back in the game, I might keep redwood running then after all :slight_smile:

I wanted to message you to ask if you wanted it, youve ut so much work into it!

No worries, Ill keep it tidy for you when Im back :smile: @Buugi I will contact you when I can play again so I can reclaim the plots if that sounds alright

Ye sure. @Potato there is 1 beacon still left for immarock. Its that bridge part that went to redwood and @philelliott s place if he forgot.

some good proactive work you’ve done there, @buggi :+1:
Sorry to see the old redwood disassemble but glad to hear that some of the peeps reasonable for that great place are carrying on elsewhere.

It’s still a work in progress :wink:

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