Refine elemental shards to create refined gems

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My suggestion is to allow a way to refine elemental shards to create refined gems. The goal of this recipe is to give hunters a path to obtain refined gems for crafting gem weapons without relying on meteor events or trying to mine raw gems. This recipe should yield low amounts of refined gems and require moderate or low level crafting skills to complete. This is not intended as a replacement for mining or meteor hunts, but rather a way to use underutilized ingredients and use up hunter’s typical trash resources. A few easy to obtain resources from other professions balances out the recipe and encourages trade.

Proposed recipe is simple: 30 elemental shards (same element), 30 fresh vital essence, 30 ancient vital essence, Bucket of Purified water, 2000 spark yields 1 refined gem of the same type.

I’m interested what you guys think. This isn’t intended to replace how you obtain refined gems, just give an alternate path to eventually get them.


This would be beautiful. I have stacks of these shards just sitting in storage and no desire to go hammer mining for hours on end to get gems. This would alleviate a ton of my current problems with the game.

+1 from me.

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Creative solution, I like it. Disregarding the numbers on it all, as that’s always the tricky part for balance, I really like this idea. I would like to see the devs consider this as a possible route @james @Steggs101 @lucadeltodecso

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