Refined gleam for sale

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Hello boundless and friends. I have a question for everyone. So for the past week I have been refining black gleam. Trying to level up quite a bit so we can work on our opera house again. The only problem I have is I have 11 gleam chests and still counting of refined black gleam. We honestly do not need that much I do turn it into other things but I craft it more than I can use it. If you could use it please let me know just tell me a price that sounds good to you for what it’s worth. And yes I did try the butt app but not all places need black refined gleam they usually need a certain color. If any of you are interested and I apologize I am not on the forums a whole whole lot. You can find me or send me a message in game of boundless I am on second floor of TNT called Phantom of the Opera. :heart:


Black usually sells for 1-2c depending on the seller and amount they have. =)

You want some :joy:

Like with most things here, people mostly prefer to buy the raw stuff for the processing XP. This means it will sell at or sometimes above the price of processed materials even when there are costs to process it.

Throwing some refined on a stand occasionally sells though just for people who are in a hurry to make a lot of marble, in which case the color is unimportant. If you fill up some shop stands with a good amount, someone will eventually come along and buy some.

Otherwise turn it into glass that will sell better.

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So busy with gleam I don’t get time to do glass… but lucky for me my friend is going that for XP :joy: so it’s becoming a win win

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Turn it into marble then turn a profit to buy more hammers to hammer more gleam :wink:

@MrsStar maybe offer @Foxx449 a good deal, I’m sure she would burn through 11 chests a heart beat…